Our Human Resources Approach

At Sestek, we believe the most important asset that will contribute to our success is our employees. For this reason, we work hard to provide a work environment which enables our employees to work effectively, contribute to their career development, and assess their performance objectively.

Our Human Resources Goals

  • Provide a working environment that supports continuous learning and
  • Create an assessment policy in which managers take full responsibility for career development of employees, and evaluate their performance in a way that supports open communication.
  • Provide a pleasing social environment for employees.
  • Appreciate and reward the contributions, high performance, and success of employees.
  • Provide various career development opportunities to employees.
  • Be among the organizations that are preferred by employees whose first concern is career development.

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We treat everyone as we want to be treated.



Transparency is key for all of our customers, partners, employees, and competitors.



We aim high level of satisfaction not only for our customers and but also for our employees.



We support the constant development of our employees.



Always in beta, we work on our solutions to make them more agile, more effective.



We continue to lead the pioneering role in the collaboration between academia and the business world.

Featured Openings

Sales Account Manager

Istanbul, Turkey

Application Support Consultant

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

Lead Software Engineer

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

Software Engineer

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

Senior Software Engineer

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

Project Manager

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

Test Engineer

Istanbul, Turkey

Software Architect

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

R&D Project Coordinator

Istanbul, Turkey

Process and Document Management Specialist

Istanbul, Turkey

DevOps Engineer

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey

Sales Operation Specialist

Istanbul, Turkey

Product Specialist& Business Analyst

Istanbul & Ankara, Turkey