Automate processes, increase self-service, cut down operational costs

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Analyze all customer conversations, find the root cause behind issues

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Benefit from the most trusted security feature; the human voice

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Value We Provide

Efficiency and Performance

Increase Efficiency and Performance

Automate processes, evaluate performances objectively and ensure contact center operations are 100% efficient.

Actionable Insights

Make Decisions with Actionable Insights

Analyze all customer-to-agent, customer-to-bot communications and understand the root cause behind customer issues.

Fraud-free Operations

Run Fraud-free Operations Smoothly

Benefit from the most trusted security feature; the human voice, to provide fast, more secure customer services.

"By using Sestek's solutions we get crucial insights about customer satisfaction and agent performance. This helps us greatly to increase customer satisfaction."

INGHead of Contact Center Complaint Management and Branch Operations Management

"Sestek's conversational IVR removes complicated IVR menus with voice-guided navigation for our customers. This allows them to complete their transactions faster and easier."

TEB BNP ParibasHead of Joint Contact Center

"With Sestek's solutions, we have increased efficiency at our call center operations. With the intent recognition feature, we now can meet customer needs better."

QNB FinansbankExecutive Vice President

"We implemented Sestek's Conversational Biometrics solutions at our contact center to allow our customers complete transactions securely and easily without traditional security questioning. The positive feedback we get from our customers prove that we made the right decision."

Turk TelekomCall Center Operations Director

"Implementing Sestek's Speech Analytics at our contact center, we can get crucial data that directly affects our agent performance management efforts."

Garanti PensionExecutive Vice President

Some of Our Clients

Vital Steps To Get The Best Out Of Speech Analytics

Here’s the bottom line. Speech analytics is a must-have solution if you are willing to increase the effectiveness of your contact center. DMG Report’s estimation shows us that the adoption rate of speech analytics on a worldwide basis was 35% as..


Accessibility as a Competitive Tool

In dictionaries, the word “accessibility” is literally defined as “the quality of being at hand when needed, the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with.” However, especially in recent years, it’s widely and almost only used related to disability.