Elevate Your Debt Collection Efforts with Conversational IVR

Support customer interactions and increase agent efficiency with AI-powered IVR solutions. Redefine the debt collection dynamics at your call center.

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The Challenge

Contact centers are struggling to efficiently manage debt collection.

Especially in the financial sector, institutions have the challenge of optimizing debt collection processes. To effectively manage this, it requires a delicate balance between agent performance and resource utilization. Repetitive tasks often dominate the workflow, diverting valuable agent time from addressing more complex customer issues. Conversational technologies can help refine debt collection strategies at call centers.

The Solution

Collection Bot solution is built on Speech Recognition (SR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. These technologies enable interaction with customers through a natural dialogue interface, using voice IVR channel.

The natural language interface allows for collaborative decision-making, resulting in personalized payment arrangements for customers. Moreover, by automating these interactions, call centers free up their expert agents from addressing routine queries and enable them to focus on more complex customer issues.


ING Increased Customer Payment Promises by 58%

ING is the 1st bank to use Conversational AI in the collection call process in Turkey. Using Conversational IVR technology, ING digitizes the customer experience and benefits from automation to reduce agent workload.

  • 50%


  • 58%


  • 3000Hrs


“Sestek Conversational IVR provides us with automation for our collection processes. We now manage more than 50% of the collection calls to customers via Conversational IVR. As a result, customer payment agreements increased by 58% in digital channels.”

Collection Director ING
  • Personalized Engagement

    Conversational IVR technology facilitates personalized interactions, tailoring responses based on customer needs and preferences. The level of personalization enhances customer satisfaction and increases agreement rates.

  • Optimized Resources

    Companies can ensure that their skilled agents are directed towards higher-value tasks that require complex problem-solving and human expertise. This strategic allocation of resources expedites issue resolution and maximizes the use of agent talent.

  • Saving Costs

    By automating aspects of the debt collection process, such as providing payment information and reminders, companies can reduce the need for human intervention in routine tasks. This efficiency translates to lower operational costs and a streamlined debt collection process.


Knovvu Virtual Agent

With 100% in-house developed Speech Recognition (SR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies, Knovvu Virtual Agent understands customer intent and responds without the need for live agents. Our market-leading speech recognition accuracy rate enables Knovvu Virtual Agent to effectively automate simple tasks, help increase self-service and decrease costs for customer service operations.

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Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience.

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