Knovvu Real-Time Guidance

Assist Your Agents in Real Time

Empower your customer support teams with the right information at the right time, leading to confident agents and satisfied customers.

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  • Improved Customer Service

    Real-time prompts help agents assist customers more effectively, leading to higher quality of service.

  • Proactive Resolution

    Instant alerts to supervisors enable swift intervention for critical issues, preventing escalations and reducing call durations.

  • Simultaneous Coaching

    Supervisors can provide immediate on-the-job coaching, fostering continuous improvement in representative performance.


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Knovvu Real-Time Guidance

Knovvu Real-Time Guidance is designed to support agents and supervisors at call centers. The product constantly monitors customer interactions, analyzes data to detect issues, and provides immediate notification and guidance to improve the process. This flow enables supervisors to intervene in real time to provide support to agents-in-need. The solution effectively reduces escalations and call handling time which results in decreased operational costs and improved customer experience.

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Knovvu Real-Time Guidance
  • Customizable Scenarios

    The UX-friendly interface allows users to adapt and adjust real-time scenarios to meet unique business flows.

  • API-Powered Notifications

    Seamlessly integrate real-time alerts into workflows, sending notifications to key users at different channels to enhance efficiency.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Detect negative sentiments instantly, enabling swift responses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Acoustic Insights

    Monitor speech dynamics to intervene in real time for better engagement and effectiveness.

  • Superior Performance

    Rely on our market-leading speech recognition accuracy, to deliver better customer experiences than your competitors.

  • Effective Training

    Pinpoint areas for improvement and assign coaching modules instantly to enhance performance.


  • 40M

    Bot Conversations
    Managed Monthly

  • 500

    Customers in
    20 Countries

  • >97%

    Speech Recognition
    Accuracy Rate

  • 100%

    In-house Developed

  • 100%

    Delivery Rate



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