Leading Innovation with Research & Development

Firstly, we are an R&D center. Secondly, we are a for-profit organization. At SESTEK, we believe to be the market leader, we must lead with innovation. Specializing in Speech Recognition (SR), text-to-speech (TTS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), our R&D competencies are pivotal in reshaping customer experience as we step into the era of intelligent communication.

SESTEK Research and Development

Pioneering Voice Technologies

Since 2000, our team has consistently conducted AI-based language technology R&D, focusing on speech recognition, speech and text analytics, biometrics, and Conversational AI.

With two R&D centers (Istanbul and Ankara) and a skilled multidisciplinary team of 100+ engineers, we actively engage in collaborative projects across industries like finance, health, and robotics, customizing technologies to specific domain needs.

Apart from spending over 40% of our revenue in this domain, we've contributed to over 35 national and international projects, including Horizon, Eurostars, Eureka, and Globalstars programs.


Key Figures

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    R&D Projects

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How We Elevate Innovation In R&D

  • Advanced Capabilities and Assets

    Our innovation relies on proprietary technologies—speech recognition, text-to-speech, NLP, and voice biometrics—all developed 100% in-house. With extensive expertise in managing textual and audio data, we've created diverse assets, offering capabilities like intent detection, named entity recognition (NER), emotion recognition, sentiment analysis, language detection, audio spoofing detection, text summarization, and more. We closely track the latest advancements, adopting an agile approach to integrate new technologies and language models for continuous enhancement.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Our dedicated R&D team explores new frontiers in AI and speech technologies, pushing innovation boundaries. Beyond pioneering solutions, we prioritize safeguarding our outcomes through robust Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategies.


    We currently hold 12 patents and have published over 70 works.


High Performed
R&D Hub

We have been awarded multiple times in recent years at one of Turkey's R&D Summits for tech excellence.

SESTEK, committed to pioneering technology, received recognition and 2nd and 3rd Prizes in recent years, at the Ministry of Industry and Technology's R&D Centers Performance Index Awards, showcasing excellence in research, development, and design.

Value-driven Innovation

We are recognized, winning InovaLIG's Innovation Cycle, showcasing systematic and beneficial innovation.

InovaLIG aims to make innovation a driver for sustainable growth, evaluating and offering a roadmap for continuous improvement. Globally unique, InovaLIG rewards not just successful projects but efforts in innovation management. SESTEK's 2nd Prize in the InovaLIG – Innovation Cycle category showcases its commitment to innovation as a systematic and beneficial process.



Contributed to 35+ national/international R&D projects, recognized in various verticals. Here are some of our projects.

SESTEK is not your typical
AI company




Let's Collaborate in Shaping the Future of AI Innovation

Contact us at rdi@sestek.com to discover our R&D capabilities and discuss collaboration opportunities. Let's join forces to create innovation together.

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