Addressing Multilingual Communication Challenges

Imagine a solution where customers can express their needs in their natural language, and agents can -in real time- break down language barriers in multilingual call centers.

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The Challenge

In an era of diverse communication, bridging language gaps between customers and call center agents is a growing concern.

In today’s world, communication challenges arise when individuals from different native languages interact with call center agents. For instance, when a tourist contacts the police call center in Dubai, she may be speaking in English, while the call center agent speaks in Arabic. This language barrier can hinder effective communication, causing delays, misunderstandings, and potentially compromising experience.

The Solution

Enter the Virtual Translator—revolutionizing multilingual call center interactions by instantly detecting and translating spoken languages.

The Virtual Translator leverages advanced Speech Recognition (SR) technology to analyze and detect the language spoken by callers. By processing the audio input, Virtual Interpreter identifies the language being spoken, converts the speech to text, translates it to the desired language for the response, and generates a text-to-speech output. This means a significantly more efficient call center with the ability to serve in multiple languages.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Regardless of the caller and agent's native languages, Virtual Translator ensures smooth communication by translating spoken language into text and back into speech, enabling effective interaction in real time.

  • Decreased Call Durations

    With instant language detection and translation, delays caused by language barriers are minimized, allowing for quicker response times in urgent situations. This results in decreased call durations.

  • Enhanced Agent Capability

    Call center agents no longer require proficiency in multiple languages. They can assist customers in their preferred language, offering a consistent service experience.


Knovvu Virtual Translator

Virtual Translator solution employs Speech Recognition (SR) technology to detect and analyze spoken language in real time. It identifies the language spoken by callers, converts speech to text, translates it to the desired language, and generates text-to-speech responses for callers. It supports more than 20 different languages, making it a versatile tool for multilingual call centers around the world. By overcoming language barriers, Virtual Translator empowers call center agents to effectively assist callers in their preferred languages, enhancing customer satisfaction.

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