Immigration Office Empowers Multilingual Call Center With AI

Using AI-powered conversational technologies by SESTEK, the Directorate of Immigration Management improved caller experience by presenting speech-enabled IVR navigation in 7 different languages.

The Results

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  • 96%


  • > 85%



Thanks to SESTEK Conversational IVR, we can easily understand customer needs in different languages, providing them fast and accurate guidance for resolution. We also use SESTEK’s speech analytics solution to get valuable insights from conversations, which we utilize to improve our service quality.


The Challenge

The Directorate of Migration Management, under Turkey's Ministry of Interior, oversees migration policies and transactions involving foreigners. The Directorate aims to automate and improve the call center function provided by the Foreigners Communication Center (YIMER).

YIMER provides critical assistance to immigrants in Turkey and offers a range of services and information about visas and residence permits. YIMER aimed to implement voice-enabled IVR to help reduce the number of calls handled by live agents while enhancing efficiency in responding to requests in 7 different languages.

The Solution

SESTEK Conversational IVR system, boosted by advanced technologies like Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, and Natural Language Understanding, was deployed. This upgrade brought automation to services, allowing callers to solve 1,500 tasks across 50 different options in the IVR menu.

With a remarkable 96% speech recognition accuracy and a navigation precision exceeding 85%, the project extended its reach across seven languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, German, Russian, Persian, and Pashto. Moreover, by incorporating Speech Analytics technology, valuable insights were uncovered by monitoring and analyzing interactions where users opt for live agent assistance over IVR.

SESTEK’s conversational IVR solution, with its adaptable structure, allows the creation of categories and the addition of different languages according to customers' needs. Thanks to AI-powered speech analytics technology, the most frequent queries by callers can be detected and added to the IVR menu with ease.



SESTEK Conversational IVR is a solution combining automated speech recognition (ASR) with natural language processing (NLP). Technology replaces frustrating or confusing menus with simple verbal requests. Users only need to say their intention to be routed to the correct IVR menu. The technology handles customer calls more effectively, saves businesses on operational costs, saves customers time, and increases satisfaction.

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Immigration Office

Under the Presidency of Migration Management Office, Foreigners Communication Center (YİMER), accessed within Turkey and abroad for accurate, fast and reliable information, aims to be the first address for foreigners' questions and problems. YIMER 157, where foreigners can find answers to all questions they ask about issues such as visa, residence permit, international protection and temporary protection, provides life-saving service for foreigners who are victims of migrant smuggling at sea for seven days, 24-hour uninterrupted service for the identification of victims of human trafficking and rescue operations.


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