Garanti BBVA Securities Increased Service Quality with
Conversational AI

Garanti BBVA Securities implemented a voice-enabled IVR system using Conversational AI technology in their customer service channel. The system has over 200 self-service menus that guide customers accurately and efficiently to the services they need without the assistance of live agents. This advanced technology handles more customer queries and provides an improved self-service experience that enhances customer satisfaction.

Garanti BBVA Securities Increased Service Quality with Conversational AI

The Results

  • 92%

    accuracy rate in menu navigation

  • 40%

    more calls are handled per month

  • 54%

    increase in the customer satisfaction score


Great outcomes: Growth in portfolio size, CSAT and menu number shows the efficiency. Congratulations!

Stevie Awards Jury-MENA

The Challenge

The pandemic had a significant impact on the capital markets, creating uncertainty that made investors worry about the safety and stability of their investments. This led to many customers seeking guidance and advice from brokers and support staff on how to navigate the volatile market.

Furthermore, having more free time due to lockdowns created an interest in investing and trading, causing brokerage companies to attract many new customers looking to open accounts and invest in the stock market. However, increased customer inquiries and requests during the pandemic strained customer service resources. Garanti BBVA Securities' live agents were overwhelmed by the rising number of calls, leading to efficiency issues and negatively impacting the customer experience due to long wait times.


The Solution

Garanti BBVA Securities partnered with Sestek to implement Conversational IVR technology, enabling customers to navigate over 200 menus with 92% accuracy using simple verbal requests. This fast and seamless self-service experience allowed customers to finalize transactions without live agents, freeing up customer service resources to handle more calls. This increased capacity, in turn, led to significant growth in portfolio sizes and improvement in the quality of service.


Conversational IVR

Conversational IVR solution combines speech recognition (SR) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. It replaces frustrating and confusing touch-tone IVR menus with simple verbal requests, and customers only need to say their intention to be routed to the correct IVR menu. The technology handles calls more effectively, saves operational costs and customer time, and increases satisfaction.

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Garanti BBVA Securities

Garanti BBVA Securities is one of the leading brokerage firms in Turkey in settlement and custody services and domestic and foreign capital markets brokerage activities, as well as consultancy in relation to mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, private sector bonds, and privatization. Garanti BBVA Securities offers investors brokerage and investment banking services in domestic and international capital markets with its wide distribution network, advanced technological infrastructure, strong brand image, experienced staff, innovativeness, and strong shareholding structure.


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