Vocal Passphrase

Vocal Passphrase empowers users to verify their identity via their voice. Keep customers happy with boosted security and faster verification.

Fast and secure ID verification

Our voice is as unique as our fingerprint. It cannot be stolen, hacked or forgotten, which is why voice biometric software is a more secure authentication method than many others.

Vocal Passphrase empowers users to verify their identity via their voice. This text-dependent voice biometrics solution requires they only say a simple passphrase to verify identity, providing a fast, effortless and secure verification method.

Before users can do so, they will have to first enroll in the system. Enrolling is a simple process; users simply generate a voiceprint by repeating a passphrase. Once the voiceprint is made, they may authenticate by speaking the vocal passphrase.


Keep Customers Happy with Boosted Security and Faster Verification

Enhanced Security

Unlike a PIN or password, Vocal Passphrase can’t be compromised. This powerful voice biometric software is impossible to impersonate or fool because the user’s unique voice details must be matched with the voiceprint on file. If your organization already has a preferred identity verification method, use Vocal Passphrase to enhance it for an added layer of security. This adds a “who you are” layer to the traditional “what you know” layer of passwords and PINs. Voice verification can be used to enhance security across multiple channels like IVR, mobile or web.

Improved Customer Experience

Conventional security measures like PINs, passwords and security questions can be time consuming for customers—and sometimes easy to forget. Vocal Passphrase enables identity verification in a matter of seconds by analyzing users’ individual voiceprints. Therefore, voice biometrics reduces stress, saves time and greatly improves customer experience.

Increased Efficiency

In extreme security measures, users may have to answer a long list of questions to verify identity. Vocal Passphrase significantly reduces the number of security steps and time involved in the verification process, because users must only state a short passphrase. By processing users much faster thanks to time saved on identity verification, agents can spend less time with each caller—and save you significantly on overhead costs. This results in lower costs, happier customers and a more efficient team.


Your Voice is Your Password at
Turk Telekom Mobile

turk telekom dark

After the implementation of Sestek Vocal Passphrase at Turkish Telecom call center, average call duration was shortened by 15 seconds, resulting in $400.000 annual savings. The number of registered voice prints, which reached approximately two million within two years, is over 3 million today. To learn more about the project view our case study.

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Voice Biometrics for Denizbank-Sberbank

denizbank dark

With the implementation of Sestek Vocal Passphrase, customers were able to reach DenizBank-Sberbank’s call center easily by using their vocal passwords. In addition to providing customer satisfaction, the project is also remarkable in that it represents the first implementation of voice verification in Turkey’s banking sector.

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“We implemented Vocal Passphrase technology at Turkish Telecom Contact Center to allow our customers securely and easily complete various transactions without losing time with traditional security questions. When we decided to carry out this project, Vocal Passphrase was a new technology and choosing the right technology provider was an important decision to make. Sestek’s expertise in the speech technology field and continuous R&D efforts played an important part in our decision. Rapid increase in the number of registered voice prints and positive feedback we get from our customers prove that we made the right decision.”

Turk TelekomCall Center Operations Director

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