SESTEK Mar 25 · 1 min read

A Word from Our CEO

Today, enterprise software is moving from on-premise deployment to cloud deployment. However, companies in specific sectors (banking, insurance, etc.) cannot switch to the public cloud due to current regulations in different countries. Others are delaying their digitalization plans due to uncertainty about regulations. 

The changing environment is putting enterprises in a tight spot.  

As SESTEK, we can offer a unique solution to this problem. Our product suite, Knovvu, offers conversational AI, Analytics, and Biometrics solutions that can be developed on cloud-agnostic DevOps architecture. Simply put, we offer the same solution with the same code base for on-prem and for cloud installations. We believe we are among very few vendors in the world that can offer enterprise-grade software with this kind of flexibility.

For enterprises that are hesitant about regulatory changes in their sector, they can start with on-prem installation. If and when the regulations in their sector change, we give them the option to go to the cloud, and they can migrate to the cloud with almost zero effort. 

Another critical issue for cloud-agnostic enterprise software is the ability to present the same functionality. In most cases, cloud and on-prem products from the same vendors are somewhat different. Our platform presents the exact same solution for both environments: the same look, the same integrations, the same APIs, etc.

Lastly, I want to mention that our argument also holds for switching among different cloud vendors; no effort on our customers when switching between, for example, AWS or Azure services.  

So, if you are an international company and you want to operate on different clouds (private and public) and also on-prem due to regional regulations, or you are a firm believer in cloud but currently restricted to on-prem, you are a perfect candidate for our conversational automation platform for customer service; Knovvu. 

Author: Prof. Levent Arslan, Founder & CEO, SESTEK


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