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Agent Performance Analytics

Reinventing performance management

Quality management is among the biggest challenges for contact centers. While a variety of technological solutions to this problem exist, many businesses continue to use non-automated quality management systems. Unfortunately, these systems frequently require time-consuming manual evaluation, which limit contact centers to review only a fraction of customer interactions.

Automated Quality ManagementSestek Agent Performance Analytics provides an efficient alternative to non-automated systems. This automated reporting interface generates reports on all recorded customer interactions, providing you with key data you can act on to better improve customer experience. The only thing you must do is customize the evaluation form to reflect your company’s needs and policies, then let the system do its magic.

Using intelligent and customizable evaluation forms, advanced call filtering systems and a user-friendly interface, Sestek Agent Performance Analytics system will help you reduce operational costs while improving call center optimization.

With automated quality assurance from Sestek, you can boost employee perception of quality control while saving money on operational costs.

Our technology will help you provide:

  • Objective agent performance evaluation
  • Operational excellence
  • An optimized learning process with sophisticated data

The Three Big Impacts of Agent Performance Analytics


Our call center monitoring system generates a lot of data, so we make it easy for you to find exactly the information you need to improve your customer quality assurance. Enjoy advanced call filtering options to evaluate specific calls, and find the most relevant interactions with detailed filtering options on the reporting dashboard.


Our system provides a simple, easy-to-use interface both business-side and customer-side. Your team will find it easy to customize our flexible and intelligent evaluation forms using our user-friendly reporting dashboard. Meanwhile, customers will have no problem filling the intuitive forms with ease. With rule-based interaction between evaluation form items, you can generate insights automatically.


Our system provides centralized administration and extensive role management to help you coordinate your team easily. Agent scorecards help you identify specific areas of improvement, and automated document storage keeps this data organized and within reach at a moment’s notice.Want to accomplish even more? Integrate the system with speech analytics to take your call center optimization to the next level.

Improve Quality Assurance with Agent Performance Analytics

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