Sestek Chatbot

Powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence, talking to Sestek Chatbot is just like speaking to a live agent.

Build the perfect customer journey

In today’s digital world, people and organizations are more connected to one another than ever. Many businesses have taken advantage of current communication channels (including social media, messaging apps, email, and more) to provide self-service solutions to their customers. These technologies help businesses reach the rising demands and expectations of increasingly tech-savvy consumers and reduce operational costs while providing a higher ROI.

Sestek Chatbot is poised as an effective, easy-to-use live chat software solution for providing high quality and intelligent self-service to customers. Powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence, talking to Sestek Chatbot is just like speaking to a live human: it understands the intent and meaning behind users’ statements with high accuracy, answering customers’ questions with ease no matter how complex they are.

Self-service is essential to businesses who want to increase workforce optimization and provide a better customer service experience. With our live chat software, you can achieve both of these goals while increasing customer loyalty, sales, and ROI.


Smarter Bots

Using Sestek’s Conversational AI technology, Vakıfbank introduced Turkey’s smartest banking assistant ViBi with the capability to answer 5000 questions and execute more than 300 banking transactions.

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Keep your customers engaged with Artificial Intelligence


By automating routine customer service tasks with self-service, your business can reduce overall operational costs while boosting customer engagement optimization. Because Sestek Chatbot provides human-like interaction, your business can use the technology to increase self-service rates and lighten the workload for your live agents. And your team will thank you because they will have fewer calls to deal with—and when a customer does need to speak to a live human, Sestek Chatbot will route them to the right person to solve the problem. This makes Sestek Chatbot a simple solution for increased workforce optimization and morale. With added convenience and accessibility, Sestek Chatbot helps you meet growing customer demands without having to hire more human agents. By boosting customer engagement optimization at a fraction of the cost, it’s easy to see why Sestek Chatbot is the premier self-service solution.

Consistency in Customer Services

Sestek Chatbot feels at home on any communication channel, whether that be your website, email, a social media profile, IVR, or other branded messaging channels. Your customers can reach the bot from their preferred channel, experiencing consistent and uninterrupted self-service no matter which they choose. By supporting an omnichannel approach, Sestek Chatbot makes it easier than ever for your customers to get in touch to solve their individual needs.

On-Time Customer Support

With Sestek Chatbot, customers won’t have to wait in a queue to speak to a live agent for help. They also won’t have to navigate through menus and manuals to find the information they need to solve critical—and sometimes time-sensitive—problems. Waiting for a response is perhaps the most frustrating element of customer support, but with Sestek Chatbot, you can provide immediate self-service support to your users with natural conversation. With zero wait times and 24/7 availability, Sestek Chatbot enhances customer satisfaction by delivering live assistance whenever customers need it. Instead of navigating conversational-based menus, customers can simply tell Sestek Chatbot what issue they have in plain language, offering speedy solutions to whatever problems they may have.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Unlike a live agent, Sestek Chatbot is always available and ready to help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to social media and ubiquitous messaging channels, consumers expect instant responses from brands—a demand that not every company or organization can keep up with. Our live chat software puts simple, sophisticated self-service at your customer’s fingertips, allowing human-like interaction across a natural conversation. In addition to convenience, Sestek Chatbot also provides customer engagement optimization with rich, personalized responses. Once you’ve defined different customer segments, Sestek Chatbot can offer different responses to each. For example, your bot might answer a query one way to tech-savvy millennials and another way to elders.

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