Optimize self-service

 and efficiency with 

Conversational AI

By using Sestek Conversational AI, businesses boost their performance by raising automation rates and minimizing labor costs. Their customer relations efforts are better optimized, allowing them to gain a competitive edge in efficiency and better service.

Find Out Exactly What Your Users are Saying

Sestek Conversational AI is the core technology behind our omnichannel self-service solutions. The technology allows for customers to naturally interact with systems in their own words using natural language processing, in speech or in writing. This allows organizations to provide sophisticated, intuitive and intelligent self-service solutions to their customers. From IVR systems to fully-featured intelligent assistants, our speech enabled solutions can help you optimize your customer self-service applications.

Sestek Conversational AI allows you to apply natural language processing to any conversational interface. With continuous speech recognition, it understands everyday speech including slang. Our unique dictionary architecture provides up to 20 times more efficient grammar construction capabilities, and the software’s adaptive grammar engine enables to understand queries that contain grammatical errors.

The tool also offers a large database for language and acoustic models, which give accurate results even in noisy environments. With scrambling language support and a pronunciation dictionary, you can ensure your IVR system can understand and respond accurately to user queries.

How Conversational Solutions Save You Time & Money

Optimize Customer Self-Service
Because traditional speech applications rely on keyword detection, they’re easily confused by spelling and grammar issues. This hurts efficiency and defeats the purpose of using a self-service application. With the ability to understand natural speech both written and spoken, Sestek Conversational AI improves self-service and raises your automation rates.

Increase Overall Efficiency
Our technology works fast to recognize and respond to user requests immediately. This helps customers perform any tasks as quickly as possible in their own words. By making it easy for customers so successfully self-serve, our artificial intelligence and NLP decreases call duration and labor costs while improving customer satisfaction. This provides real value to your brand by boosting brand perception.

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