Conversational Analytics

The ideal tool to understand customers: It collects, analyzes and makes sense out of interaction data from multi-channels


Find Out Exactly What Your Customers are Saying, Then Act

In today’s competitive, social market, customer experience makes or breaks a business. If you’re unaware of customer experience or what people are saying about your brand, you’re putting yourself in serious danger. The deluge of data can be difficult for most organizations to sift through and make sense of—but it doesn’t have to be.

Conversational Analytics collects data from a variety of channels: phone, social media and internet communication. By presenting each individually and together, the interaction analytics provides a full, holistic view of customer behavior and feedback. With progressive, visual analytics, it’s easy to measure customer experience at a glance.


Monitor 100% of All Customer Interactions

Optimized Performance Management

With analytics for call center interaction, Conversational Analytics helps you objectively evaluate agent performance, then take the proper course of action for improvement. Compare segments and segment based on performance, or get an in-depth analysis of your organization’s overall performance. Call center interactions recorded by the software are essential for employee training, providing examples of how agents should or should not handle a stressful issue. With this speech analytics data at your fingertips, discovering and acting upon your team’s weak points is easy—helping you serve customers to the best of your ability.

Increased Customer Experience

Our interaction analytics records all customer interactions with your organization, so you can truly understand your customers’ perspective. From call center interaction to online postings, our interaction analytics help you take an objective view of your products and services through the eyes of the customer, alerting you to their needs, behaviors, concerns and pain points.


Conversational Technologies Made Simple

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