Authenticate quickly and securely with Conversational Biometrics

Conversational Biometrics has emerged as an effective, foolproof solution to the growing demand for stronger security.

Why You Should Use Biometric Security

Everyone’s voice is unique, just like their fingerprints or iris. Unlike PINs, passwords and answers to challenge questions, voice biometrics can’t be compromised without the knowledge of the voice’s owner. This makes voice authentication far more secure over traditional security measures, conveniently meeting the security needs of organizations.

In addition to enhanced security, voice authentication is faster and easier for the user: they simply state a passphrase rather than answer complicated questions or input an easy-to-forget password. This greatly enhances the user experience. By analyzing a user’s voice for its hundreds of unique characteristics, speaker recognition is a convenient and highly secure authentication method. Users don’t have to install software to their devices for voice authentication, making it easy to use.

Sestek Conversational Biometrics meets organizations’ needs for high levels of security at a considerably low cost compared to traditional methods. Voice authentication not only increases security, but helps organizations optimize their security processes by replacing the need for manual password resets and shortening steps in the authentication process.


How Conversational Solutions Save You Time and Money

Secure Biometric Authentication

Traditional verification methods aren’t the most effective, and data breaches are common. Hackers can easily steal user passwords and fraudsters are good at solving security questions. Businesses and IT professionals therefore recommend that users update their passwords. Unfortunately, they seldom do. While traditional methods fail to keep data secure, biometrics use physiological characteristics that are impossible to steal or compromise. Like fingerprints, voice is among the many unique characteristics used for biometric authentication. Unlike a password, a voice can’t be forgotten, lost or stolen.

Multi-Factor Security

Sestek Conversational Biometrics Solutions are more secure than traditional verification methods. To ensure higher security, you can combine it into multi-factor security methods. For example, you might pair Sestek Vocal Passphrase with Sestek Speech Recognition. This acquires personal information from the user with speech recognition technology and creates a second-factor security method for identity verification.


Conversational Technologies Made Simple

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