Use the power of Voice Biometrics in criminal investigation

Forensic Voice Analysis

Enhanced Public Security

Sestek Forensic Voice Analysis is a voice biometrics program used for law enforcement and criminal identification. It analyzes audio evidence accurately by applying voice biometrics technology in a way that makes it easier to work with audio evidence. It assists forensics experts and security organizations complete voice treatment and speaker identification processes accurately. With the straightforward identification it provides, Forensic Voice Analysis contributes to criminal investigation and prosecution of suspects.

Forensic Voice Analysis

Save Time with Forensic Voice Analysis when Every Moment Counts

Our numerous voice biometrics features save forensic experts countless hours otherwise spent listening to recorded audio evidence. The software helps to identify and differentiate voices by allowing you to easily compare multiple audio recordings at once—even if they’re obtained from different channels (i.e. microphones, telephone, etc). With advanced voice recognition, the software can separate different speakers’ voices in a mono recording and detect silence and speech in an acoustic signal. This makes it easier to determine who is speaking, and when, in any audio recording. Finally, it also identifies a speaker’s gender.

Text-independent comparisons and an intuitive graphical interface make it easy to organize, play and analyze audio with minimal effort. Experts can archive their analyses and access  them later. This software is compatible with the Windows operating system.

Sestek Forensic Voice Analysis includes the following modules

Likelihood Ratio Calculation

Compares two audio recordings to generate statistical scores and probability distribution graphics to serve as evidence.

Speaker Diarization

Easily detects who spoke when in a single channel recording of speech.

Formant Verification

Enables one-to-one comparisons of formant distributions of audio recordings.

Speaker Identification

Proves or disproves a speaker’s identity in audio recordings used during investigations.

Gender Identification

Automatically detects the gender of a speaker.

Speech-Silence Detection

Use speech recognition to identify parts of speech and silence in an audio file. You can easily check and manually correct these labels within the system.

A Fast, Secure Voice Analysis Tool

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Benefits – Fast and Easy to Use

Sestek Forensic Voice Analysis aims to be as easy-to-use as possible, providing user-friendly audio analysis to forensic experts. With our fast and visualized voice biometrics, you can assess audio evidence at a glance. This saves hours of time that would otherwise be spent listening to recordings in full.

Benefits – Secure

Our software provides identity verification using an individual’s voice at high accuracy. This allows for precise, reliable identification and verification to protect your data. With offline accessibility, you can further protect your organization against the risk of plagiarism.

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