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IVR Analytics

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IVR AnalyticsIVR Analytics evaluates all IVR interactions to give an overview of the customer journey at this channel. Monitoring DTMF and speech-enabled IVR combined, this solution provides an invaluable tool to enhance the customer experience on IVR systems.

By using this solution, contact centers can gain essential insights into IVR completion rate, menu navigation, repeat calls, drop-offs, etc. Quality teams can see all these details through the comprehensive reporting feature of the solution.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Sestek IVR Analytics gives a comprehensive view of the customer journey. By analyzing IVR interactions, the solution presents organizations with the details about customers hanging up, customers requesting the assistance of live agents or customers frustrated during the experience. By using these vital insights, quality teams can detect the areas that need improvement and take necessary actions to ensure a smooth IVR experience.

Higher Efficiency

By pointing the areas that need improvement in the IVR flow, IVR Analytics increases navigation accuracy. So, customers don’t lose time by repeating their prompts or dialing the same menu number again and again. This shortens call duration and decreases operational costs which maximizes ROI and increases the efficiency of the contact center.

Evaluate all IVR interactions with IVR Analytics

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