Cost Saving with Chatbot

This calculator automatically calculates your cost savings when you integrate Chatbot technology into your customer service operations. Please fill below the necessary fields according to your metrics to see your monthly and yearly savings.

Calculator Glossary

Number of Agents
Number of agents responsible for customer inquiries

Average Monthly Cost of Agent
The average monthly salary of an agent

Total Number of Inquiries
Total number of customer inquiries received monthly

Cost per Inquiry
Total cost of agents divided by the number of inquiries handled

Percentage of Inquiries to be handled by Chatbot
Based on actual customer testimonials, the average percentage of customer inquiries handled successfully by chatbot

Number of Inquiries to be handled by Chatbot
Total number of inquiries multiplied by the percentage of inquiries to be handled by chatbot

Benefits of Chatbot

Chatbots can help reduce customer service costs by engaging with customers and answering inquiries without the need of live agents. Chatbots solve repetitive tasks so agents can focus on solving more complex customer issues. This helps decrease operational costs while improving the customer experience. Chatbots contribute to remarkable cost saving by:


Increasing Automation Rates


Decreasing Customer Service Costs


Improving the Overall Customer Experience

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