Cost Saving with Voice IVR

This calculator automatically calculates your cost savings when you integrate Voice IVR technology into your customer service operations. Please fill below the necessary fields according to your metrics to see your monthly and yearly savings.

Calculator Glossary

Number of Agents
Number of agents responsible for customer inquiries

Average Monthly Cost of Agent
The average monthly salary of an agent

% of Calls Handled by Legacy IVR
Percentage of calls handled by standard, touch-dial IVR

The positive impact of Voice IVR Technology
According to actual customer testimonials, the increase in calls handled by voice IVR after the implementation

% of Calls Handled by Voice IVR
The percentage of calls handled by voice-enabled IVR

Benefits of Voice IVR

Voice IVR technology transforms traditional touch-tone IVR systems into automated self-service solutions. The technology helps you boost customer engagement optimization while reducing operational costs by;


Increasing Self-Service Rates


Decreasing Customer Service Costs


Improving Contact Center Efficiency

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