Speech and Text Analytics

Call recordings offer a wealth of invaluable insights: the level of customer satisfaction, likelihood of churn, agent performance, campaign effectiveness and more.

Analyze 100% of the calls

A successful organization must always stay abreast of customers’ needs, then address them. One of the best ways to understand customers’ needs is to analyze calls between them and your business. Call recordings offer a wealth of invaluable insights: the level of customer satisfaction, the likelihood of churn, agent performance, campaign effectiveness and more.

While calls are abundant in useful data, it’s impossible to manually evaluate and analyze each one given their staggering volume. In fact, only about 1% of customer call data is assessed in random quality evaluation processes. This deprives your business of essential data.

Sestek Speech & Text Analytics offers a better way to leverage customer call data. The tool transcribes all recorded calls in their entirety, then analyzes the interactions using advanced emotion detection technology. Through data mining these transcriptions, you’ll discover actionable insights for improving your brand—and won’t ever worry about missing a detail again.

Some of the most common uses of this technology includes:

  • Call center monitoring and reporting
  • Agent performance analysis and training
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality analysis
  • Automation of quality monitoring processes
  • Crisis management
  • Competition, market and campaign feedback analysis
  • Identification of cross-sales opportunities

Analyze and Identify Contact Center Call Recordings

Sestek Speech & Text Analytics offers a variety of must-have features to improve customer service experience. The Speech-to-Text feature automatically converts full audio recordings into the text to easily identify root causes in customer interactions.

Our speech analytics uses emotion detection and trend analysis to discover what your customers care about most. Analyze differences in pitch and tone to identify customers’ emotions, helping you identify problematic conversations. Once you’ve identified trends and the most frequently used words or phrases used by customers, categorize calls based on the content of their conversation with topic identification. Easy statistical comparison lets you compare call recordings statistically by applying root-cause analysis.

In addition to analyzing customer queries, speech analytics helps you assess and optimize agent performance, too. With the evaluation module, evaluate agent performance at random within a specific set of criteria.

With our easy-to-use interface, you can search for an unlimited number of terms according to date, agent group, word group, customer gender, interruption rate and more. Comprehensive reporting generates reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, then email them to the necessary departments as XML documents. Finally, we also offer real-time speech analytics with our real-time speech analytics module. Real-time speech analytics analyzes interactions in real-time while they occur. When necessary, you can provide managers with real-time agent guidance to improve their performance and provide better services to customers.

Sestek Speech & Text Analytics empowers your business to leverage customer call data to better meet customer needs. This helps to drive customer satisfaction and improve agent efficiency. In addition to making customers happier, you’ll optimize key call center processes by evaluating metrics such as hold time, average handle time, call transfers and first-call resolution.


Anticipate Customer Needs by Analyzing Call Data

Improved Customer Service Experience

Reduce overall customer wait times by optimizing high average handle time. Because customers will be happy with your service, you’ll increase the retention rate crosswise and decrease churn.

Our software provides vital information to optimize your customer service experience. These include interruption rates (times in which the customer and agent are talking simultaneously) and periods of silence. These metrics provide insight into moments of customer dissatisfaction.

Objective Agent Performance Evaluation

Using our tool, you can easily create customized scorecards for agents to check their performance. These scorecards measure things like absenteeism, adherence to policy, average handle time, and overall quality of service.

With this system, your business may consolidate all performance reports for simple analysis.

Increased Call Center Efficiency

This system allows you to automate customer call evaluations, saving precious time, energy, and resources, all the while improving productivity and efficiency. With key insights related to call center metrics, you can improve average handle times and first-call resolution rates while cutting operational costs.

In addition to heightened efficiency, this software can also help you discover unnoticed training opportunities to improve your team further.


Garanti Pension Increases Script Adherence


After the implementation of Sestek Speech & Text Analytics, Garanti Pension observed noticeable progress in script adherence. For example, the number of calls that lacked necessary communication about hold procedures decreased by 88%, while the number of calls that lacked security procedures decreased by 72%.

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ING Improves Agent Performance


By taking a holistic approach to measuring all calls with Sestek Speech & Text Analytics, ING Bank was able to measure the impact that employee seniority and working time had on productivity. Sestek Speech & Text Analytics didn’t just use call data to measure agent performance; ING integrated data from survey results and sales figures.

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“As a result of our quality approach, we closely follow developments in technology in order to deliver improved services. Implementing Sestek Speech & Text Analytics in our call center helped us obtain crucial data that directly influences our performance management. Since we see Sestek as a partner rather than a vendor, we engaged in interactive communication during the project. Our continuous feedback contributed to the development of new modules for Sestek Speech & Text Analytics.”

Garanti PensionExecutive Vice President

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