Verification On-The-Go

Sestek Verification On-the-Go is an advanced voice biometrics tool that verifies customer identity quickly and intuitively by voice.

Verify the caller identity during a natural conversation

Few things plague internet users like online security measures. We’ve all struggled to set passwords that become increasingly difficult to remember due to complicated security requirements. With a rising concern for customer and data safety, organizations and consumers alike struggle to stay on top of new security measures. To provide safety without complicated steps, many businesses are turning to voice verification.

Sestek Verification On-the-Go is an advanced voice biometrics tool that verifies customer identity quickly and intuitively by voice.

To use the system, callers must first enroll in the system by calling the contact center and speaking. After a customer speaks for a sufficient number of seconds, the system creates a voiceprint which will be used to authenticate them on their next call. Simply by listening to customers talk with agents, the system scores the recording’s relevance by comparing it with the previously enrolled recorded voiceprints. If the score is high enough to accept the user, the security check is passed.

The software accurately identifies the user without need for passwords or passphrases. With text-independent voice verification, users can authenticate in seconds without a prompt.

Users don’t want to spend the time and effort dealing with frustrating security steps, but they still want to be certain their identities and data are secure. Our voice biometrics software provides a smooth experience while protecting against fraud and identity theft, allowing you to prioritize customer satisfaction without sacrificing safety through voice verification. Real-time authentication offers language, accent and content independence and integration with CRM, CTI and workstation.

Real time speaker verification is the perfect security solution for protecting user identities, boosting customer experience and increasing the overall efficiency of your business.


Protect Data with Ease Using Real-Time Authentication

Higher Security

Voice biometric authentication provides enhanced protection without troubling users. Quick and transparent enrollment offers effortless authentication without sacrificing security—and is much easier than answering security questions or keeping passwords. Biometric authentication is proactive against fraud, because it analyzes a user’s individual voice. Finally, advanced speech recognition can detect a speaker’s gender.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Don’t waste users’ time with prompts or security questions; Verification On-The-Go provides effortless authentication during natural conversation. This is more convenient for the user and makes transactions safer. With such an effortless authentication experience, the technology boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Efficiency

Finally, real time speaker verification shortens call durations, which in turn increases contact center efficiency with faster interactions. Together, these benefits decrease overall operational costs and save time for your team and your customers.

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