Virtual Assistant

Sestek Virtual Assistant enables organizations to understand and answer the needs of their customers through an intelligent conversation interface.

Intelligent and personalized conversations with customers

Sestek Virtual Assistant is always a tap or call away, eager to help your customers with any problem they have. This automated self-service solution can be adapted and customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, offering a human-like, premier customer experience via voice or text.

Sestek Virtual Assistant enables organizations to understand and answer the needs of their customers through an intelligent conversation interface. The solution can perform various helpful tasks in a way that is meeting specific requirements of organizations and fitting in with their industry surroundings.

With the integration of Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition and Voice Biometrics, Sestek Virtual Assistant enables organizations to develop easy-to-use intelligent applications, thus enhancing customer self-service.


Ready to help whenever, wherever just like your BFF

Know Your Customers on an Intimate Level

In today’s world, relationships are key. Sestek Virtual Assistant brings businesses and their customers together by offering highly personalized, friendly experiences. With advanced biometrics, for example, the assistant can recognize and greet a customer by the sound of their voice. From there, the assistant can draw on purchasing data, customers’ past interactions with the company, and more.

With Sestek Virtual Assistant, your customer enjoys the quality of customer service they’d expect from their favorite neighborhood mom-and-pop shop.

24/7 Providing Multi-Channel Service

Thanks to social media, people are more connected now than ever. And when they befriend their favorite brands online, they expect those companies to respond quickly. A speedy response can be tough for some businesses, but Sestek Virtual Assistant is available via customers’ favorite communication channels 24/7, ready to provide immediate service.

Using sophisticated natural language processing, Sestek Virtual Assistant provides customized, context-sensitive responses to meet your customers’ needs. If a task is too ambiguous, it asks clarifying questions to understand better what the customer wants. The conversation plays out as if the user were talking to a human without getting put on hold, without the wait times, and without having to recount their problem to multiple representatives.

A Better Customer Experience at a Fraction of the Cost

Because the assistant can speak to hundreds of customers at once throughout the day, Sestek Virtual Assistant delivers a premier customer service experience while minimizing resources and saving your business money.

The assistant catapults your business into the future with advanced artificial intelligence, giving you a competitive edge and giving your customers new and novel opportunities for brand engagement.

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