Conversational Analytics Sep 17 · 2 min read

Conversational Analytics: The Secret to High-Quality Customer Service

Poor customer service costs businesses about $75 billion annually. Given this tremendous loss, having poor customer service is not something you can ignore. To avoid ending up with a service your customers are unhappy with, you need to understand and answer their expectations effectively. And you can do this by listening to your customers, in other words, monitoring and analyzing their conversations.

Analyzing Customer Interactions

Customer interactions across different service channels include invaluable insights about customer behavior, the latest trends, and business productivity. To unveil these insights, you need to apply in-depth data mining methods, and thankfully, with today’s conversational analytics technologies, you can do that easily.
Conversational analytics, also called conversational intelligence, converts natural language conversations into a machine-readable format and extracts data from them. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, conversational analytics collects, analyzes, and makes sense of interaction data from multi-channels.

The heart of customer conversations: Voice Interactions

According to McKinsey, live voice interactions through a call center are crucial in providing high-quality customer service in a digital age. Therefore, analyzing call center interactions which can be defined as call center analytics, becomes more critical in evaluating the customer experience.
Call center analytics gives essential details about customer service through collecting, measuring, and reporting performance metrics within a contact center. To track call data, evaluate agent performance, and determine service quality, call center analytics uses the following criteria:

  • Average call abandonment rate
  • Percentage of blocked calls
  • Average waiting time
  • Average response speed
  • Average call time
  • Resolution of the request at the first call

It evaluates elements that directly impact the customer journey and gives businesses essential details about customer satisfaction, probability of customer loss, agent performance, campaign efficiency, etc.

What to look for when selecting an analytics solution?

Using analytics tools to uncover hidden insights in call center interactions is key to ensuring high-quality customer service. But not all analytics tools are created equally. To get the most out of this technology, there are some key features to look for:

  • High speech recognition accuracy for automatic monitoring and identification of script adherence, acoustic indicators, and sentimental features
  • Easy-to-use statistical comparison tool for instant identification of the granular differences between top-performing agents and others
  • Real-time sentiment analysis, real-time notifications to supervisors, and real-time triggers for API actions
  • Fast response times and query results
  • Intuitive solution supporting multi-tenancy for different teams, business units, and operation
  • A simple interface where users can enjoy visual query design without any coding requirement

Why is Knovvu Analytics the answer?

Knovvu Analytics collects 100% customer interaction data and transforms it into actionable business intelligence. By applying advanced data mining and quality management technologies, Knovvu Analytics helps decision-makers objectively evaluate business performance and make the right decisions to improve customer service.
Knovvu Analytics outperforms the competition with the following features:

  • Higher performance through faster response times and faster query results than the competition
  • Single solution supporting multi-tenancy for different teams, business units, and operations
  • Easy to use interface where users can create visual queries with no code
  • Objective analysis of script adherence, acoustic indicators, and sentimental features with AI-based quality management
  • Instant notifications on prohibited words, urgent customer inquiries, or regulatory issues with real-time analytics
  • Statistical comparison that identifies best-performing agents and reveals training needs for underperforming agents

Sounds like what you need?

If Knovvu Analytics sounds like what you need, fill out the contact us form or request a demo now. Our team will contact you soon to figure out how we can help.

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