Conversational IVR Oct 20 · 1 min read

Multilingual Call Center Service with Conversational IVR

The Directorate of Migration Management, operating under Turkey's Ministry of Interior, oversees migration policies and transactions involving foreigners. The Directorate aims to automate and improve the call center function provided by the Foreigners Communication Center (YIMER) to enhance its services. YIMER offers essential assistance and information to immigrants in Turkey, and this enhancement aims to optimize service quality and efficiency.



YIMER provides critical assistance to immigrants in Turkey and offers a range of services and information, including visas and residence permits. The Directorate of Migration Management aimed to streamline its operations by reducing the number of calls handled by live agents at YIMER while enhancing service quality and efficiency in responding to requests.



Sestek Conversational IVR system, boosted by advanced technologies like Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech, and Natural Language Understanding, was deployed in the YIMER call center. This upgrade brought automation to services, allowing users to handle about 1500 tasks across 50 different options, mainly related to residence and visa applications and checking application status.

With a remarkable 96% speech recognition accuracy and a navigation precision exceeding 85%, the project extended its reach across seven languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, German, Russian, Persian, and Pashto. Moreover, by incorporating Speech Analytics technology, valuable insights were uncovered by scrutinizing interactions where users opt for live agent assistance over IVR.


Highlights of the Project

Adaptability to Diverse Needs

Different industries require different ways to help customers. With its customizable structure, Sestek Conversational IVR makes it easy to create different queries and include various languages that match each customer's specific needs.

Navigating Multilingual Call Analysis

Analyzing calls in contact centers with multiple languages presents a range of challenges, demanding proficiency in various languages. Sestek Speech Analytics simplifies this complexity through its multilingual analysis feature.

A Project in Constant Enhancement

The system detects the most common queries by leveraging AI-powered speech analytics technology and seamlessly integrates them into the IVR menu.



"Thanks to Sestek Conversational IVR, we can easily understand customer needs in different languages, providing fast and excellent service through clear menu choices. Also, with Speech Analytics, we get valuable insights from conversations, which we utilize to improve our service quality."


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