Root Cause Analysis

Understand the Triggers Behind Behaviors

Whether finding the reason behind increasing customer calls or pinpointing critical differentiators of your best-performing agent, root cause analysis is a vital tool for contact center managers.

The Challenge

Vast data is coming through contact centers. Manual analysis efforts can’t keep up.

Customer-agent interactions provide invaluable insights into customer issues, behavior trends, and agent performances. However, manual analysis can only focus on a fraction of interactions and is far from providing accurate and comprehensive results for decision-makers.

The Solution

Root cause analysis reveals what is working and what is not.

This feature monitors 100% of customer interactions and presents insights about important issues such as increased non-FCR calls, customer complaints trends, or agent performance changes. With the ability to compare successful and not-successful calls/agents, supervisors can intervene effectively.

  • Decrease non-FCR

    With the ability to compare FCR and non-FCR calls, supervisors can put their fingers on the issues causing repeat calls. When they inform their agents accordingly, agents solve problems more effectively, helping decline in non-FCR rates.

  • Discover Trends

    Supervisors can only analyze 3-5% of calls by manual evaluation. This process is insufficient to reveal trends in customer calls. Root cause analysis can assist supervisors in defining trends fast and acting on solutions better equipped.

  • Improve Performance

    Root cause analysis presents tangible differentiators between top-performing agents and others. Indicators such as politeness, positive language, and enthusiasm can be compared. Keywords and phrases used mainly by successful agents can be discovered and used to support agents-in-need.


Knovvu Analytics

Knovvu Analytics collects 100% of customer interaction data at customer service channels and converts it into analyzable information for decision-makers. The solution provides critical and actionable insights to understand customers better and improve their experiences. With advanced quality management tools, Knovvu Analytics helps supervisors objectively score and improve agent performance with tangible feedback.

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Technology Making a Difference

  • 25%

    “We increased our profit per agent by double digits.”

  • 48%

    “Using analytics, we significantly increased our telesales efforts.”

  • 50%

    “Informing our agents more effectively, we decreased customer questions to our call center.”



Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience.

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