Sestek’s AI-powered technologies contributed to VakıfBank’s new banking assistant that can answer more than 5,000 questions.

vakıfbank vibi powered by Sestek's ai technologies

ISTANBUL (TR) – VakıfBank, Turkey’s fourth-largest bank, introduced a new banking assistant, “ViBi” to its mobile banking app, which currently has 4.2 million users. The assistant, developed in partnership with Sestek, a leading AI and speech technologies company. The “mobile banking assistant” which went live in only 8 months, can answer more than 5,000 questions and perform more than 300 banking transactions. Thanks to Sestek’s conversational AI technologies, VakıfBank customers can interact with ViBi through speech. Sestek is the company behind the world’s first Urdu-speaking virtual assistant introduced at the beginning of this year.

“We help the financial sector to deliver the best customer experience”

Professor Levent Arslan,CEO– Sestek, underlined that the project was completed in record time, “We are always proud of our delivery times and project completion rates. Together with VakıfBank team, we developed this assistant and made it customer-ready in less than eight months. As well as fast delivery, another important issue was the customer experience. We worked under the motto “AI that listens, understands, and delivers.” We wanted to develop an assistant that fulfills these promises. ViBi’s speech recognition and navigation accuracy rates are above 90%. This proves that ViBi makes a difference in customers’ lives, and this makes us proud.”

“The safest and the smartest mobile assistant on the market today”

Ferkan Merdan, Deputy General Manager­­- VakıfBank, said, “We aspire to become a ‘customer-focused playmaker’ in the banking sector. ViBi, our virtual banking assistant, which listens to and understands our customers, and suggests practical solutions to their needs, became a best practice in many aspects in the sector. Considering long-term IT investments, we completed and launched the project in a very short period. The voice assistant supports users with nearly 300 banking transactions, including loan applications, money deposit, and withdrawal using QR code, cash advance payable in full or in installments, etc. This is by far the safest and the smartest mobile assistant on the market today.”

About Sestek

Sestek is a global technology company helping organizations with conversational Solutions to be data-driven, increase efficiency, and deliver better experiences for their customers. Sestek’s AI-powered solutions depend on text-to-speech, speech recognition, natural language processing, and voice biometrics technologies.