The Value of Speech Analytics for Call Centers

Today organizations know that most information that passes through a call center is wasted without Speech Analytics. When used properly Speech Analytics can give organizations a significant competitive advantage by improving call center processes, service quality and customer experience.

Speech Analytics helps contact centers to get comprehensive answers for the following questions which give insights about agent performance, call center performance and customer experience.

  • Why are my customers calling?
  • Are they satisfied with the services I provide?
  • Do I answer their expectations sufficiently?
  • How do my customer representatives perform?
  • How does your call center perform?

Agent Performance Analysis & Training

Speech Analytics provide an accurate agent performance analysis by evaluating various criteria that directly influence agent performance such as agent compliance with regulatory requirements and adherence to scripts. To measure agent performance effectively, Speech Analytics;

  • Consolidates specific agent performance data
  • Generates customizable personalized scorecards for agents to view their performance in terms of absenteeism, adherence, average handle time and quality
  • Uncovers training opportunities to improve agent performance

Enhanced Call Center Performance

Speech Analytics contributes to operational improvement by enhancing call center performance as a result of continuous call center monitoring and call center reporting. Speech Analytics also increase improve call center processes productivity and contact center efficiency by automating manual processes and reducing operational costs. The solution;

  • Consolidates performance reports based on call centric operations
  • Contributes to improved average handle time, first call resolution rates and reduced call center costs.
  • Reduces customer wait times by optimizing high average handle time which results with increased call center service quality & customer satisfaction.
  • Enables marketing department to assess customers’ reactions to marketing efforts and attitudes toward competitors.
  • Contributes to call center management by giving important insights about call center metrics.

Improved Customer Experience

Speech Analytics is one of the best ways of measuring contact center performance which includes important details about service quality and customer satisfaction. That is why more companies are turning to speech analytics to provide excellent customer services. The technology;

  • Identifies and categorizes calls with large blocks of silence which usually result in customer dissatisfaction.
  • Uncovers root causes of customer issues and help call centers to take action on time.
  • Reveals insights on customer behavior and purchasing trends and let companies offer services accordingly.

Speech Analytics has a huge value for organizations which are aware of the fact that recorded interactions in call centers include crucial insights about customer satisfaction and call center performance which directly influence business success.

Author: Hilal BakanaySenior Marketing Specialist, Sestek