Webinars Dec 13 · 1 min read

Accelerating Impact at Customer Service

Accelerating Impact at Customer Service | Opus Research & SESTEK

Join Opus Research and SESTEK as they discuss how customer care organizations should evaluate and understand AI and LLMs to ensure their strategies align with business objectives and operational improvements. 

In these fast-changing times, organizations need to understand their options and the many paths to success. While LLMs have transformed the landscape and empowered internal developers, integrating their capabilities with existing enterprise systems, such as contact center solutions, can be a challenge. Check out these highlights:


  • Always analyze what you automate. It's a never-ending story.

Choose vendors that integrate AI and analytics capabilities for your call center automation to ensure effective implementation and optimization of your processes. 

  • Employee and Customer Acceptance must be embraced.

While strategically positioning Gen AI, as a tech decision-maker, prioritize employee and customer acceptance for automation, ensuring security through regular audits in contact center operations to achieve peace of mind with large datasets.

  • Diversify tech solutions; don't invest all on ready-to-use LLMs.

Avoid sole reliance on LLMs; diversify technology solutions to address industry-specific needs and company expertise gaps.




- Prof. Levent Arslan – Founder and CEO, SESTEK

- Dan Miller – Lead Analyst and Founder, Opus Research

- Derek Top – Research Director, Opus Research



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