Natural Language Call Steering Helps Banks Improve Customer Experience

Like many other organizations banks need to put their customers first and at the core of their business which requires focusing on customers’ needs and designing the experience around this.

For the sake of a better customer service many banks invest in various technologies that contribute to personalized and enhanced experience. Call steering is among these technologies whose popularity is constantly growing.

As a result of increasing use of self-service solutions, banks are in the search for technologies that ease the use of these solutions. Call steering arrives as an effective technology by eliminating the complex menu navigation that results from complicated structure of traditional DTMF IVR systems. The technology offers a practical solution by letting customers to speak freely what they would like to do and putting them through the right self-service menu.

Benefits of call steering are obvious. While eliminating complex touchtone menus and allowing callers to describe their needs in their own words improves caller experience; getting callers to the right place in fewer steps reduces call center cost by shortening call durations, reducing the number of misrouted calls, minimizing the need for live agents and improving overall call automation rates.

TEB, Turkish Economy Bank is one of the organizations which applied for call steering technology. As a result of its search for an effective solution that overcomes the complexity in menu navigation of traditional DTMF IVR systems TEB began to use SESTEK Call Steering technology in its call center. With the help of the technology now TEB customers can be routed to right self-service application easily by describing their needs in their own words like “I want to pay my bill” or “I’d like to transfer money.” The project achieved great success which was reflected in decreasing hang-up rates and increasing self-service rates.

In order to provide a complete caller experience, TEB combined call steering with voice biometrics technology. While call steering technology enables callers to be routed to the right application, voice biometrics technology replaces time-consuming security questions with identity verification via vocal passphrase.

As a result of these successful implementations TEB became the first bank in Turkey which provides call steering and voice biometrics technologies together and SESTEK was rewarded with Jury’s Special Award at Retailers Day Event by TEB. For more information about TEB Call Steering Project please click here.

Author Hilal Bakanay

Senior Marketing Specialist, Sestek

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