Why invest in Social Media Analytics?

Today there is no sense in talking about the never ending use of social media and its importance for organizations any more. We all know that there is an ongoing conversation on social media and this conversation includes crucial insights about organizations, people, competition and customer experience. Since taking these insights into consideration while setting goals, developing strategy and measuring performance is key to success, social media analytics arises as a basic need for any organization.

With social media analytics organizations not only analyze social media data about their products, services, marketing efforts, customers and competitors but also categorize this data according to various segments which makes it easier to make a better evaluation about social media insights.

By applying appropriate social media analytics organizations can monitor online customer experience, improve their products and services continuously, measure competition accurately and take the right actions and manage their online reputation and brand image properly.

Monitor customer experience

With social media analytics organizations can keep track of web and evaluate online customer behavior in a way that constructs a unified view of multichannel customer interactions. The journey of customers through various social media platforms includes crucial insights on how they experience products and services. By monitoring this experience, organizations can uncover customer experience issues, improve processes and increase the quality of their services. Thus they will be able to provide a targeted, personalized and consistent service across multiple channels which guarantees enhanced customer experience.

Improve products & services continuously

Social media interactions include invaluable feedback about products and services which can constitute a useful resource for improvement. With the help of social media analytics organizations can understand customers’ perceptions of the products and services they provide. They can also foresee potential issues and problems that consumers experience with their products and services. This provides the opportunity to improve products and services continuously which results in high quality solutions.

Measure Competition

By monitoring the online activities of competitors, it is possible to discover crucial information about their positioning, marketing and communication strategies. It is also possible to see how their customers react their marketing efforts which gives an idea about the competitors’ brand image and online reputation. Knowing more details about your competitors means taking right actions to gain advantage over them.

Manage your online reputation

Social media analytics lets organizations to track their online reputation by exploring the social sentiment around their business.  Knowing what people think about their brand enables organizations to control the perception and create a better image by optimizing their approach towards customer relations and communication. Continuous social media listening helps organizations to build a proactive approach which means answering any need of customers on time and responding to issues before they turn into crisis.

Organizations may have different motivations while applying for a social media analytics tool. For whatever reason they are being used, social media analytics solutions make various contributions to organizations in terms of proactive customer relations, continuous feedback and quality monitoring and control over online reputation which proves that investing in social media analytics can deliver value to an organization at any level.  To learn more about potential benefits of a social media analytics tool please visit www.socializervox.com