Next Generation Customer Relationships

By March 17, 2016Blog Posts, Sestek

In today’s hyper connected world, one of the main metrics for measuring business success is customer experience. In other words organizations, which manage to deliver enhanced customer experience, are considered successful.

That is why each business aims to meet their customers’ expectations and provide an enhanced experience which is the basic condition to have a sustainable relationships with them and gain their loyalty.

Thanks to improvements in technology and the amount of information that is available at the speed of light, customers are more demanding than ever. Convenience, speed, quality and ease are among main expectations of customers. Customers expect to obtain all these factors in a personalized and customized way and with a convenient manner across multiple channels.

Being able to understand and meet these expectations requires organizations to put their customers in the heart of their business and design products and services accordingly. It also means adapting a new approach in terms of customer relationships which focuses on customer experience as a whole instead of focusing on customer alone. With this new approach organizations need to look for ways of;

  • Understanding customers’ needs and expectations
  • Treating each customer as a unique person
  • Taking a holistic approach to customer experience
  • Delighting customers during all interactions
  • Maintaining a consistent user experience across all channels

This new approach will be one of the most important subjects to be discussed at G-Summit Middle East which will be held in Dubai on 20 April 2016. Aiming at Genesys customers, prospects and partners from countries across Middle East, the event will focus on the deployment of customer experience technologies from the contact center to the back office, while bringing expertise, insights and new perspectives on how to manage the customer experience. With the theme of ‘‘Next Generation Customer Relationships’’ the event will also unlock how organizations of all sizes can more effectively unify all customer touch points, channels, and interactions while optimizing the productivity and satisfaction of agents and employees.

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