SESTEK Voice Biometrics Solutions

By November 8, 2016Blog Posts, CEO Posts

In July’16, SESTEK was mentioned in the DMG report for Voice Biometrics. Let me explain our solutions briefly and describe how we achieve excellence.

What is Voice Biometrics?

Basically, it refers to the verification of the caller’s identity through his/her voice over the course of a natural dialog.

Why is it unique?

Each customer’s voice print is unique. So, our solution contributes to fraud detection and increases the security level. For example, imagine calling your bank as a customer to check your balances. Traditionally, you are asked to enter some passwords/PIN numbers and the call center agent asks you several questions to verify your identity. Along with these traditional security checks, the agent can now verify your identity through your own voice. So, you are double-secured as a customer against fraud.

It saves time (15-30 seconds per call) for the agent in the ID verification process. “Vocal Passphrase” is our sub-product to verify the identity of the caller through his/her voice.

How many authentications did we do?

So far, we did 50M authentications and we grow every day with new customers.

Which fields/sectors can use Voice Biometrics?

High-security demanding sectors (e.g. Finance) are early adopters of our solutions. However, it can be implemented in any area of business. We can easily integrate it with IVR platforms, back-end enterprise systems and databases.

Any Case Studies?

Turkish Telecom is the leading telecom operator in Turkey and our customer since 2011. We shorthened their calls and saved them $400,000 annually. Today, 1 out of every 5 callers uses SESTEK’s vocal passphrase procedure. So far, we have already exceeded 3M voice prints.

How can you implement Voice Biometrics in your business? Let’s think along and find answers together.