Speech Analytics at SESTEK

By November 9, 2016Blog Posts, CEO Posts

Speech Analytics  is one of our most successful products at SESTEK. Here is how it works and how we make it a great product:

Who makes use of Speech Analytics?

Contact centers are the key customers for Speech Analytics.

How does it work?

We convert all contact center conversations into text.

Once these conversations are on text, we can analyse both conversational and emotional features from a variety of perspectives.

Our conversational feature includes: agent speed, monotonicity, agent/customer share in talk, silence ratios, agent/customer interruptions and block speech presence.

Our emotional feature includes: Customer/agent anger probabilities, durations and locations in conversation.

SA product has also features such as query search, topic identification and comprehensive reporting. It is also possible to integrate web-chats into this product.

Why is Speech Analytics useful?

We provide performance reports about call center operations.

We reduce operational costs and increase call center efficiency.

We decrease average handling time by identifying the reasons for long silence durations.

We increase service quality and customer satisfaction.

We allow companies to establish marketing and competitor strategies according to customer feedback.

We generate score cards to evaluate the agent performance.

So far, contact centers have been our major customers. What other industrial/business settings can Speech Analytics be useful?