Sestek Newsletter 2020/2

By August 10, 2020Newsletter

Double-Digit Increase in Sales Performance

Credit Europe Russia enjoys double-digit increase in call center performance, thanks to Speech Analytics technology. The bank was searching for solutions to increase the efficiency of customer service operations. Using Speech Analytics, Credit Europe analyzed 100% of inbound/outbound customer calls and gained actionable insights to train agents effectively. Their efforts resulted in;
– 25% increase in customer satisfaction,
– 2X increase in sales at mobile banking channel
– 35% decrease in customer complaints

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More Natural and Humanized TTS Voice

Using Neural Network technology, we developed a new version of our Text-to-Speech product. This new version offers a much more natural sound, allowing a smooth dialogue in human-machine communication. By listening to the sound samples below, you can see the difference. You can also vocalize your own phrases by selecting “Melissa NeuralNet Beta” on our demo page.

Old Voice Sample
New Voice Sample

The Rise of Conversational Automation in the Post-COVID World

At our latest podcast episode, we searched for answers to:
– How can AI-powered automation help companies in the “new normal”?
– How should we, employees, feel when AI starts being implemented in our company?
– What is the playbook for management to successfully implement AI and get the fastest tangible results?

We discussed all of these and more with Microsoft’s Data and AI Solutions Consultant, Shakeel Mohammed, and our VP of Sales, Ahmet Subasi.

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E-book: Discover Hidden Treasures in Customer Interactions

Today consumers are more unforgiving than ever. As 67% of them give one negative experience as the reason for churn, brands are walking on thin ice, trying to find ways to know what customers would do next. Effectively listening to customers and acting fast to close the loop on their issues are becoming more vital for businesses. However, the high volume of these interactions makes it impossible to review and analyze them accurately manually. At our latest e-book, we discuss how Speech Analytics can provide a solution to this vital problem. Click to get your copy, now.

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