Choosing the Right Quality Management Method

By September 28, 2020Blog Posts
Choosing the Right Quality Management Method

No doubt about it, quality management is a must for call centers to ensure effective customer services. Providing high-quality services require call centers to identify calls that are failing to meet quality standards. Only by doing so can they detect areas that need improvement and take necessary actions.

The necessity of quality management is not questionable, but the method to use is. There are two main approaches to performance evaluation: First, manual quality evaluation where the quality team does most of the job. Second, automated quality evaluation, where you support the quality team with automated evaluation tools.

Manual vs. Automated Quality Management

Manual Quality Management

Call centers make thousands of outgoing calls each day. And this means hundreds or even thousands of audio files to evaluate for each week.

With conventional manual evaluation, quality teams can only evaluate a small amount of these calls by choosing them randomly (generally, 3-5%). This does not provide the big picture of the overall quality. Besides, an assessment that solely depends on personal evaluation might influence objectivity and accuracy negatively. This results in agent mistrust of call quality procedures. Being evaluated with one or two bad examples across hundreds of calls ending successfully demotivates call center agents.

Listening to a limited number of calls also means a limited amount of training materials for agent coaching. As a result, generic training programs are applied, which prevents determining knowledge gaps and specific development needs of agents.

When is Manual Quality Management applicable?

If your call center offers very few customer services, charges less than ten call center agents, receives low call volume, and has at least two quality managers for active call listening; then manual quality management can work for you. If you can listen to almost every call your call center receives and you don’t need in-depth analysis about call content you can proceed with manual quality management.

Automated Quality Management

Automated quality management is the evaluation of call center interactions by using analytics solutions. Using these technologies, contact centers can capture 100% of interactions and transform them into analyzable data in seconds.

When agents know that their performance is being assessed accurately and fairly, they are more likely to perform better. Getting objective feedback helps them to focus their efforts to improve. Being continuously listened to and evaluated guide agents towards self-discipline. When evaluated with automated assessment tools, agents are less likely to object to their evaluation results.

The quality evaluation is a time-consuming process. Automating the performance evaluation process helps call centers to save time, energy, and resources. These solutions lighten the workload of quality monitoring teams by automating evaluation processes. Instead of spending hours listening to each recorded call, the team can spend more time on important tasks, like detecting training needs and preparing training programs for agents.

When is Automated Quality Management applicable?

If your call center offers multiple customer services, employs more than 50 call center agents, receives high call volume, and the current number of quality managers fall short in listening to each call; then automated quality management is the right option for you. Applying an automated quality management system helps you listen to 100% of recorded calls, and you receive in-depth insights into call center performance, you can proceed with automated quality management.

See for Yourself: Cost Saving with Automated Quality Management

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Author: Hilal BakanaySenior Marketing Specialist, Sestek