The Rise of Interaction Analytics Post-COVID-19

By December 20, 2020Blog Posts
The Rise of Interaction Analytics Post-COVID-19

Along with the devastating effects on our physical and mental health, Covid-19 has managed to alter the way companies operate this year.  Enterprises were caught in the middle of balancing between public safety and business continuity.  In a matter of days, they were to shut their offices and sent agents home, most of the time, with establishing the necessary infrastructure in the last minute.

Despite these unprecedented changes, contact centers adapted relatively faster and more effectively than most other company departments. Especially, the ones that have already invested in interaction analytics (IA) solutions that capture and analyze voice and digital interactions had a major advantage over others. IA solutions provide insights into customer needs and demands as well as their emotions and sentiment. During the pandemic, companies with analytics solutions used them to rapidly identify concerns and issues so that they could properly prepare their agents and self-service solutions to handle them.

Interaction Analytics solutions were instrumental to the success of enterprises, not just their contact centers, during difficult times. After companies were forced to close, in many cases, analytics findings were the only insights available to corporate executives to determine what was happening in their company, how well they were performing, and how their customers perceived them. Providing insights about company trends, opportunities, and overall performance is the most fundamental capability of interaction analytics solutions.

Not Only to Improve Customer Experience

The first rule of improving customer experience (CX) is to improve the employee experience (EX). Interactive Analytics can be phrased as a “2-way street”. The solution captures and analyzes both CX and EX, helping to improve company performance and the customer journey in all channels and touchpoints. Organizations benefiting from this “2-way street” of information has succeeded in improving CX faster than the competition. Specifically features like Automated Quality Management (AQM) provide objective performance scoring that decreases employee disputes and supports motivation towards performance improving initiatives set by management.

The Future of Interaction Analytics

With the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Interaction analytics is transforming into an AI-powered solution. With features like sentiment analysis, emotion detection, topic categorization, real-time analysis, and predictive modeling, AI-powered speech analytics solutions identify customer sentiments and offer prescriptive insights. AI-based interaction analytics helps organizations to:

  • Extract an unprecedented level of business insight from interactions
  • Get prescriptive insights to increase sales and drive growth
  • Accurately predict customer behavior for churn, retention, and upsell

The Survey and the Analysis

On an annual basis, DMG Consulting conducts independent customer satisfaction surveys to measure end-user satisfaction with vendors and their products, as well as their service, support, professional services, training, and innovation. DMG conducts these analyses because they provide great insights into general market trends and end-user issues and concerns.

About the Interaction Analytics product, a total of 21 customer responses were received and analyzed. The vendor satisfaction ratings reported in this analysis were calculated by averaging the scores provided by customers for each vendor and category, using the point scale of (1- Not Satisfied / 5- Completely Satisfied)

Out of 10 categories, we achieved a 5/5 rating in 7 categories

In our company motto, we underline that we are not only high-tech but a high-touch company. This means we are not just an R&D center working continuously to develop products. Our track record shows that we are always in close contact with our customers and develop products by keeping their feedback in mind. We are proud to call ourselves a solution partner at arm’s length. When this happens, it is no surprise that we get stellar comments about our technology and about our customer relations.

Thank you to all of our teams working on our analytics solutions, our partners collaborating with us to promote them, and last but not least, our clients using them to provide better experiences to their customers.

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Author: Baran Bursalıgil, Marketing Manager, Sestek