Improving Supervision When Working From Home

By January 12, 2021Blog Posts
improving supervision when working from home

Contact center quality management (QM) has been a crucial part of enhancing agent performance, ensuring compliance, and improving customer experience. Technology advancements transform labor-intensive and time-consuming quality management processes into fully automated, data-driven approaches. Therefore, technologies like speech analytics, text analytics, and automated quality management are increasingly used at call centers for quality assurance and agent supervision purposes.

Conventional Performance Management

At contact centers, quality teams supervise agents and the processes using various tools. Generally, team leaders listen to their agents to supervise and give feedback, and quality departments listen to customer calls to determine a quality performance score. However, they run this process by manually choosing calls, listening to them, and giving scores based on the performance metrics.

Manual Evaluations Fall Short

At a mid-sized contact center with 500 agents, there are approximately 1.8 million calls to evaluate in a month. With an assumption of an average call duration as 3 minutes, and if the QM team wants to supervise only 3% of the calls, it will approximately require 30 people in the process. Even if the contact center had 30 people supervising the process, it will be missing 97% of the calls. In such a case, searching for solution to automate this process is unavoidable.

How Does Speech Analytics Help?

A contact center can automate the supervising processes with speech analytics and still cover 100% of the calls. By using speech analytics, they can automatically cover topics in automated quality forms, such as;

  • Greeting and closing announcements
  • Using legal scripts,
  • Using prohibited words,
  • Silence cases,
  • Speech interruptions,
  • Using hold announcement,
  • Basic information check

Besides the automated scoring, daily automated email reports can be used for feedback. By automating supervision and evaluation processes, speech analytics can reduce employee-based assessment and increase the covered call ratio. When agents know that their performance is being assessed accurately and fairly, they are more likely to perform better. Getting objective feedback helps them to focus their efforts to improve. Being continuously listened to and evaluated guide agents towards self-discipline.

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Final Thoughts

Speech analytics has dramatically transformed quality management. This technology acts as a critical tool for taking contact center monitoring standards to the next level by automating performance management and quality assessment processes. To learn more about this solution, you can download our e-book for Speech Analytics.

Author: Murat Topçu, Senior Product Consultant & Business Analyst