AI-supported In-vehicle Voice Assistant Project from Tofaş and Sestek

By February 25, 2021Blog Posts
AI-supported In-vehicle Voice Assistant Project from Tofaş and Sestek

Tofaş and Sestek are developing Turkey’s first AI-based in-vehicle voice assistant. The In-Vehicle Audio Assistant Project, a first in the Turkish automotive industry, will enable a voice-based interaction between the driver and the virtual assistant while driving. The project will be implemented together with voice and artificial intelligence technologies company Sestek. TÜBİTAK will also provide financial support for developing the voice assistant application that can be used in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles produced at the Tofaş Factory.

The in-vehicle voice assistant project that Sestek will support with conversational AI technologies will enable a natural dialogue will be established between the driver and the in-vehicle virtual assistant while driving.  The assistant will provide users with route and road status information, provide recommendations specific to the user’s driving characteristics, and support driving safety with instant verbal warnings.

Tofaş’s Information and Communication Technologies Director Özgür Çetinoğlu stated that the digital and technological transformation activities initiated by the company will continue unabated.

Çetinoğlu noted the following: “As Tofaş, we attach importance to the use of innovative technology, and we increase the number of our innovative solutions day by day. In addition to reflecting our innovative perspective, the In-Vehicle Voice Assistant Project will make a difference as the first local assistant to provide voice support to the user by processing the vehicle’s data. Thanks to the In-Vehicle Voice Assistant technology we will develop within the project’s scope, users will be able to interact with their cars. In this way, a more advanced driving experience will be possible in terms of safety, convenience and comfort. The most remarkable difference of the application from known virtual assistants is that it can analyze many instant data to be taken from the car. In this way, based on feedback and analysis, information that will support the user will be provided. In-Vehicle Voice Assistant will be able to make sense of what is said and return with the necessary answers, and when it needs additional information, it will be able to request detailed information by asking various questions to the driver.” Çetinoğlu concluded by saying that the priority within the scope of the project is to maximize driving safety.

Sestek’s R&D Coordinator Tuba Arslan Kır stated that they are excited to position their dialog-based artificial intelligence technologies previously used in a wide range of areas from smart home assistants to chatbots, in an in-vehicle application for the first time. She expressed that this project with Tofaş is a pioneering work in the automotive industry, and it’s supposed to inspire the companies aiming to carry out similar exercises in the sector.

Author: Hilal BakanaySenior Marketing Specialist, Sestek