Using the Power of AI in Analytics

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Using the Power of AI in Analytics

We live in the After Covid era. Even though the pandemic will disappear someday, Covid-19 has irreversibly changed our lives and the way we do business. We are using digital channels more than ever. It looks like we will continue to prefer online shopping to physical stores and online banking apps to branches even after the pandemic. This increase in digital services means an increase in call center interactions. Because whichever digital channel we use, call centers will continue to stay at the heart of customer services, and call center performance plays a crucial role in customer experience.

There are two main approaches to call center performance evaluation: First, manual quality evaluation where the quality team does most of the job. Second, automated quality evaluation, where you support the quality team with automated evaluation tools. With conventional manual evaluation, quality teams can only evaluate a small amount of these calls (generally 3-5%). This does not provide the big picture about the overall quality.

That is why more businesses turn to automated quality management (AQM) solutions. AQM uses technologies like call recording, text analytics, speech analytics, and IVR analytics. With these technologies, contact centers can capture 100% of interactions and transform them into analyzable data in seconds.

Four Aces of Automated Quality Management Tools

Call Recording

Call Recording captures all call center interactions and separates customer and agent audio through stereo recording. The solution enables organizations to apply detailed analytics and data-mining methods through Conversational Analytics integration. Thus, quality management teams can gain invaluable insights into customer satisfaction and agent performance. A reliable call recording is very important for the documentation of the call data and the quality improvement of the call centers. Call center interactions need to be recorded not only for quality management but also for legal compliance. Failure to comply with legal regulations covering call centers can result in fines and lawsuits.

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics automatically transcribes and analyzes all customer-agent communications using various features like statistical comparison, emotion detection, trend analysis, and more. Speech Analytics offers an effective way to leverage customer interaction data by providing businesses with actionable insights into customer experience and call center performance. Speech Analytics technology will allow you to make better use of the information you gather to create a more comprehensive picture of what your consumers are experiencing. This way, you can use that feedback to make meaningful changes – instead of just sitting on it and letting it go to waste.

Agent Performance Analytics

Agent Performance Analytics combines manual and automated performance evaluation methods. The solution’s automated reporting feature allows call center quality teams to create customized evaluation forms and scorecards that reflect their company’s needs and policies. So, the solution generates automated performance analysis reports on all recorded customer interactions and provides quality management teams with crucial data they can act on. Without a proper performance analytics tool, contact centers miss valuable opportunities to drive customer service excellence resulting in a better customer experience overall. It’s simply a shot in the dark to determine agent strengths and weaknesses.

IVR Analytics

IVR Analytics evaluates all IVR interactions to give an overview of the customer journey at this channel. Monitoring DTMF and voice IVR combined, this solution provides an invaluable tool to enhance the customer experience on IVR systems. By using this solution, contact centers can gain essential insights into IVR completion rate, menu navigation, repeat calls, drop-offs, etc. As a result, IVR analytics contributes to companies’ success and profitability by helping to reduce costs, increase and improve self-service options, improve first contact resolution, and increase customer satisfaction by delivering a better overall customer experience.

As more organizations compete on customer service, the importance of call center performance rises. Quality evaluation solutions help call centers to ensure enhanced agent performance and high-quality services. In addition, with the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, automated quality assessment tools are transforming into AI-powered solutions in a way that excels quality managers’ analytics capabilities.

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Author: Çağrı Doğan, Accessible Products Consultant, Sestek

How to Better Serve Customers From Home

How to Better Serve Customers from Home

Quality management solutions for the new era of working from home
With COVID-19 working from home turned into the usual way of work. With a higher risk of exposure due to tight spaces, shared equipment, and high volumes of people, contact centers went through this change swiftly. But, although the working conditions changed, contact centers see an increasing call volume during the pandemic, which means contact centers need to find ways to provide their customers with the same quality service as before. At this e-book, we will be covering Conversational Analytics solutions, and quality management tools help call centers to monitor agent performances remotely and take necessary actions in time to ensure smooth customer experiences.

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