Banking Transaction

Automation is the Road to Efficiency

Simple money transfer or application to a credit loan. Hundreds of banking transactions can be automated by A.I. without the need of live agents; This is the new definition of efficiency for the banking industry.

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What Is Not Working?

Don’t make your customers wait in queues to execute simple transactions.

Majority of banking transactions can be executed without the need of live agents but the use of self service in the banking industry is merely sufficient. This is contradictory since increasing self service rates results in major improvements in customer experience and significant savings on operational costs.

The Solution

Virtual Agents help automate simple transactions and improve operational efficiency.

Knovvu virtual agent can execute hundreds of banking transactions for customers. When this is the case, simple tasks are automated by technology while the most valuable asset at call centers, agent time, can be saved to focus more on customers.

  • Increased Self Service

    Enabling customers execute banking transactions 24/7 without the need of live assistance has significant impact on customer experience and operational efficiency. Distribution of customer service around-the-clock is advantageous for both customers and agents.

  • Improved Experience

    Virtual agents can be deployed in multiple service channels to provide the same level of service quality to customers. Whether it is a WhatsApp chat or mobile application interface, customers are presented with a consistent, improved experience.

  • Saving Costs

    Agent time is the most valuable asset in customer service. Virtual agents helping customer for simple transactions saves this valuable asset. Repetitive, daily tasks are automated while agents can work on solving more complex issues for customers.


Knovvu Virtual Agent

With 100% in-house developed Speech Recognition (SR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies, Knovvu Virtual Agent understands customer intent and responds without the need for live agents. Our market-leading speech recognition accuracy rate enables Knovvu Virtual Agent to effectively automate simple tasks, help increase self-service and decrease costs for customer service operations.

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Technology Making a Difference

  • 3X

    “We increased number
    of self-service transactions”

  • 29%

    “Customer requests to live agents for
    information decreased”

  • 150K

    “Number of daily banking transactions
    executed by our virtual agent”



Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience.

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