Conversational Call Routing

Personalized IVR Experience
at Every Call

Save your customers from the IVR maze. Let them state their intentions in their own words. Take them directly to the solution.

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What Is Not Working?

Touch-tone IVR experience is not good customer experience. Period!

Making customers wait and listen while a pre-recording lists option after option leads to frustration. Frustration results in customers bypassing the menu to talk to a live agent. This results in a costly and uncompelling way to serve customers.

The Solution

Conversational call routing provides a personalized experience every time.

Conversational call routing is the solution for providing fast and effective self-service. The technology uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable human-like interactions with IVR. This means instead of a touch-tone menu, customers state their inquiries in plain language. Without being constrained to fixed menus, customers are given a natural, intuitive experience every time they call.

  • Improved Experience

    Powered by natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition (SR) technologies, Conversational Call Routing can understand customer needs and intents, fostering a natural dialog for improved experience

  • Decreased Hang Up Rates

    When customers interact with smart technologies, processes streamline towards solution without the need of live agent assistance. For contact centers this means decrease in hang up rates in IVR.

  • Shortened Call Durations

    Conversational Call Routing presents the shortest route to resolution. Without having to listen to the complete IVR menu, customers are directed towards the necessary information easily.


Knovvu Virtual Agent

With 100% in-house developed Speech Recognition (SR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies, Knovvu Virtual Agent understands customer intent and responds without the need for live agents. Our market-leading speech recognition accuracy rate enables Knovvu Virtual Agent to effectively automate simple tasks, help increase self-service and decrease costs for customer service operations.

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Technology Making a Difference

  • 65%

    "We improved call completion
    rates at our IVR significantly."

  • 14%

    "We increased customer self-service
    rates by double digits"

  • 39%

    "We cut hang up rates at our
    IVR channel almost by half"



Improve Your Conversational Customer Journey

Let’s go into detail on how Knovvu’s conversational solutions can improve your agent and customer experience.

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