Quality Management Jun 25 · 4 min read

Choosing the Right AQM Software for Your Call Center: 5 Must-Have Features

Searching for the right call center quality management software can be daunting. With numerous options claiming to be the best, it's hard to determine which one truly fits your needs. 

This article will simplify the process and guide you toward a cutting-edge solution for your business. We'll explore the essential features you should look for when selecting an automated quality solution. With our guidance, you'll have the clarity you need to make an informed decision and elevate your call center to new heights of success.


Top Features to Look for

Speech Recognition Accuracy

Having high recognition accuracy ensures that customer interactions are transcribed accurately, which enables reliable analysis and helps identify areas for improvement. Accurate recognition also improves the evaluation of important performance indicators and compliance requirements. It makes automation easier, reducing the need for manual work and providing valuable insights to enhance agent performance.

Our speech recognition accuracy achieves an impressive rate of over 96%. This results from our extensive experience in voice technologies for over two decades. It simplifies quality evaluations by automating them, saving time and effort for quality analysts. The system can quickly and consistently analyze large number of interactions, offering actionable insights and feedback to improve both agent performance and customer experience.


Hybrid Approach

Relying solely on manual analysis in quality management causes limitations in scalability and efficiency. On the other hand, automated analysis alone may lack the contextual understanding, nuanced interpretation, and subjective judgment that human evaluators can provide. However, by adopting a hybrid approach that combines manual and automated analysis, organizations can leverage the scalability and efficiency of automation while benefiting from the human element of expertise and subjective judgment. 

We combine automated and manual analysis to ensure a comprehensive performance evaluation. The solution automatically evaluates the agent’s performance through parameters like script adherence, acoustic indicators, and emotional features such as monotonicity and tension. Performance evaluation forms can include both automatic and manual questions. While the evaluator must evaluate the manual questions, the solution handles the rest immediately.


Calibration when needed

The calibration feature in quality management tools lets supervisors and analysts review system evaluations, compare them with their own, and make adjustments for scoring consistency across the organization. It aligns with quality standards, refines evaluation criteria, and ensures a reliable and fair automated management system. The lack of calibration makes providing accurate and consistent quality measurements across different evaluators or time periods challenging. Additionally, without calibration, it becomes difficult to identify and address any biases or errors within the automated system.

With Knovvu AQM, any evaluation can be reevaluated by another quality assessment specialist to calibrate and enhance the quality assessment process. The agents are enabled to raise objections to their scores and request a reevaluation. Therefore, the performances of the quality assessment specialists are also measured, considering calibrations and objections.


Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics is a powerful feature that allows organizations to analyze and understand live conversations as they happen. It gives immediate insights into customer interactions, sales calls, and customer support conversations. In simple terms, it helps identify trends, monitor how well agents are performing, understand the sentiment of the conversation, and extract useful information in real-time.

Knovvu AQM takes it further by offering offline and real-time interaction analytics. With real-time analytics, the solution empowers organizations to make informed decisions on the spot, such as providing timely coaching to agents, identifying upselling opportunities, resolving customer issues promptly, and improving overall customer experiences. This enhances operational efficiency, enables proactive engagement, and ultimately helps businesses instantly deliver personalized and exceptional customer service.


Training Module

Training may be one of the most vital roles in improving agent performance. It gives agents the skills, knowledge, and techniques they need to provide consistent, high-quality service. Training also helps with agent retention. However, traditional training methods rely mostly on human effort, which can be costly and time-consuming. Moreover, the objectivity of training can be questionable when humans are involved.

With Knovvu AQM, training needs are addressed within the tool itself. The tool analyzes interaction data in detail to provide practical insights into agent performance, customer satisfaction, and overall service quality. These insights help supervisors train their teams effectively. By using actual interaction recordings as training material, Knovvu AQM offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods. This approach saves time and resources while improving training outcomes and agent performance.


Are you confident in the effectiveness of your quality management?

If you're basing evaluations and decisions on just a few calls per agent (average of 5% of calls can be evaluated when done manually), you might be missing out on valuable chances to improve. With Knovvu AQM, you can revolutionize your quality assessment to enhance both agent performance and customer satisfaction. Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss your unique business needs with one of our experts. 

Request a demo today and discover the differences we can offer.


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