Speech Recognition

With Sestek Speech Recognition, machines and applications can understand user commands in spoken language.

A natural way to interact with machines

In our connected world, many consumers are interacting with everyday connected appliances in new ways. With a trend in connected devices that often lack a screen, speech is emerging as a natural, intuitive interface for human-machine interaction. Speech recognition is the driving technology behind this development, revolutionizing the way people interact with their devices.

With Sestek Speech Recognition, machines and applications can understand user commands in spoken language. With the ability to listen to and interpret spoken demands, users may interact with these devices by speaking aloud rather than inputting buttons and keystrokes.

Supported languages for Speech Recognition include:

•Turkish •English •Spanish •French •Azerbaijani •Arabic •German •Russian •Urdu •Flemish •Dutch •Kurdish •Czech •Italian •Indian-Hindi •Ukrainian •Kazakh

With our software, your business will:

  • Enable users to complete transactions via voice
  • Eliminate the need for complex and confusing menus
  • Provide fast and convenient solutions, guaranteeing a better customer service experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction
Speech Recognition Demo


Enhance Customer Experience with Automatic Speech Recognition

Know Your Customers on an Intimate Level

Our automatic speech recognition software has full application. Many organizations use technology to power intuitive and straightforward self-service solutions. This technology demands little effort from customers, enabling them to solve problems in their own words quickly and effectively. With heightened self-service success powered by speech recognition, organizations can provide a superior customer experience while decreasing operational costs.

Our software routes customer calls without requiring users to wrangle with confusing menu options. All they need to do is state their need in everyday language, which drastically cuts call duration and improves customer experience by eliminating wait times.

24/7 Providing Multi-Channel Service

Sestek Speech Recognition helps your customers self-serve and accomplish more. By providing an enhanced customer service experience, your business frees up agents’ time so they can focus on more complex and urgent tasks—all the while reducing costs.

Automatic speech recognition transforms complicated IVRs into intuitive systems, which boosts customer self-service rates, allowing your agents to focus on more complex and essential tasks. With resources used more efficiency, you can reduce agent hours and cut costs while improving customer experience.

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