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Technology today is turning towards conversational interfaces. Users are verbally speaking to their devices using speech, often accomplishing tasks by delegating them the way they would to a human. To keep up with the pace of changing technology, you must ensure your product can talk back. With Sestek Text-to-Speech (TTS), your company can vocalize anything, including dynamic values like credit card balances and customer names. This provides an intuitive, natural customer experience without the need to record a voice actor dictating every word or phrase.

Sestek Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a powerful speech synthesis technology that can vocalize written text into audible speech, rendered in a clear, humanlike voice.

By using TTS to give voice to your business, you can provide a vastly impressive and enjoyable customer experience. Our speech synthesis technology helps companies drive automation and increase efficiency by reducing operational costs—all while improving their customers’ experience.

Supported languages for Sestek TTS include:

•Turkish  •English  •German  •Spanish  •French  •Azerbaijani  •Arabic  •Urdu  •Hindi  •Russian

These are just some of the areas being revolutionized by TTS:

Internet of Things (IoT)

Text-to-speech technologies empower IoT devices and applications to have a voice. From smart devices (TVs, cars, and even coffee machines) to virtual assistants, applications are given a voice via TTS to provide natural interactions with their users.


It’s nearly impossible to learn a language without hearing it or practicing it in everyday use. TTS technologies in language teaching applications vocalize any word in many languages to improve students’ pronunciation.


By reading text aloud, text-to-speech technologies enable users with special needs to interact with mobile devices and computers to read web sites, use apps and more.

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Benefits – Increased Efficiency

High quality voices from TTS enhance customer self-service, increasing automation and reducing workload for call center agents. By vocalizing dynamic content, you can further automate customer service calls. There’s no need to record responses in a studio, because the TTS will vocalize all dialogs automatically, saving you time and money.

Benefits – Enhanced Customer Experience

High quality voices with TTS capture customers’ attention and greet them with personalized, natural conversation. This provides an intuitive experience, much like speaking to a live human. Customers can speak to a single voice they know and trust—fluent in their language—across multiple contact points, solidifying their trust and relationship with your business.

Benefits – Changing the World, One Voice at a Time

Text-to-speech provides high quality voices to Internet of Things devices, dramatically changing the way humans interact with machines. These devices improve user quality of life, such as mobile virtual assistants, GPS navigation and more. TTS is also essential to those with disabilities or special needs. The technology reads out text from everyday devices and interfaces for better accessibility (such as screen readers for the visually impaired). Its application extends further into the educational sector, helping to improve students’ understanding of pronunciation, reading and language skills.

Successful Projects – Yapı Kredi

Sestek Success Story Yapi KrediWith the implementation of SESTEK Text-to-Speech, the first “ATMs for the Disabled” were established. These talking ATMs, which used SESTEK Text-to-Speech technology, allowed disabled users to make banking transactions easily. Since the project received a great deal of attention by visually disabled users, the number of talking ATMs increased quickly.

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Successful Projects – Denizbank

Sestek Success Story DenizbankSestek Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition technologies transformed Denizbank’s FastPay app into a speech-enabled mobile wallet that allows users to complete transactions with voice commands. fastPay enabled DenizBank customers to transfer money from a mobile phone to another mobile phone on a 24/7 basis.

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