Introduction to Voice of the Customer

Voice of the customer (VOC) which can be defined as the perception of a customer’s needs and wants in the widest sense describes the in-depth process of capturing a customer’s expectations, preferences and comments.

Since customer satisfaction is the key factor in business success, organizations try to differentiate by providing enhance customer experience which requires better understanding of what customers think. That is why voice of the customer becomes an important concern in terms of improving customer experience.  Answering the question ‘how well are you capturing voice of the customer?’ is important because successful customer experience management and monitoring requires accurate voice of the customer analytics.

Voice of the customer solutions capture data through multiple interaction channels and touch points and bring them all into one place to apply analytics which includes deep examination, reporting, and data management. Voice of the customer solutions create a unified approach which takes into account the entire customer journey across multiple channels by taking a surgical approach to feedback. With the help of the information gathered by voice of the customer solutions, organizations can improve their products and services, in a way which answers customer and market demands more effectively.