Introduction to Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a data mining software which is used in call centers to collect data in order to   obtain important insights about customer experience and contact center performance. With invaluable business intelligence it provides, Speech Analytics helps call centers to reduce costs and improve customer experience. The technology unveil hidden insights regarding call center performance, sales opportunities, agent performance, customer perception and organizational strategy.

Speech Analytics applies a variety of analytic methods and mathematical algorithms to recorded audio files of call center interactions. Speech analysis process consists of several steps. First, all the recorded data is transcribed to written text with the help of speech-to-text technology. By this way conversations are transformed to machine-readable format. Then various statistical and emotional analysis are applied on the transcribed content in order to uncover root causes and hidden insights in the conversations.

Speech analytics delivers its analysis results via easy-to use graphics, reports and alerts. Users can also run queries related to their business needs in order to capture insights regarding several contact center issues such as agent performance, customer satisfaction, repeated calls, cancellation requests etc.

Speech Analytics helps contact centers to hear the voice of the customer by extracting relevant concepts from recorded interactions and convert them into usable date. The technology is used for the following purposes;

  • Call center monitoring and call center reporting
  • Agent performance analysis & training
  • Customer satisfaction & customer service quality analysis
  • Automation of quality monitoring processes
  • Issues and crises management
  • Competition, market & campaign feedback analysis
  • Identification of cross sales opportunities