Outstanding Features of Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics helps contact centers improve performance, provide enhanced customer experience and grow revenue as a result of its high tech features that ease interaction monitoring. Some of the outstanding features of speech analytics that helps to unveil hidden insights in the voice of the customer can be reviewed briefly as follows.


Speech Analytics converts 100 % of the recorded conversations to machine-readable text format. As a result of this transcription customer interactions transform to data sources which can be analyzed. Speech-to-text technology also lets users to search for keywords and phrases by running queries among recorded calls.

Emotion Detection

With its emotion detection feature of Speech Analytics identifies emotion via variations of pitch or tone. Emotion detection gives important insights about customer dissatisfaction and agent performance. It helps to capture problematic conversations by using the ratios of anger, monotony, interruption, and silence as evaluation criteria.

Topic Identification

Topic identification module of Speech Analytics evaluates the whole content of speech and classifies calls into specific categories of interest to the supervisors rather than flagging calls by a specific word as in word spotting. For example calls can also be grouped into categories such as repeat calls or cancellations. By evaluating repeated issues, call center managers can work towards improving problem resolution strategies, create better processes and improve customer experience.

Trend Analysis

With trend analysis Speech Analytics surfaces trends by focusing on the most frequently used words and phrases within a given time period. Trend analysis provides a guided search capability that gives an idea about what is happening in call centers. With the help of this feature, call center managers can easily observe changes in customer perception and expectation. They can also gauge effectiveness of marketing efforts and evaluate company situation in regards to competition.