Omnichannel Customer Experience and Speech Technologies

By December 25, 2015Blog Posts, Sestek

As a result of rapid evolvement in internet and mobile technologies customers have more options such as voice, mobile, IVR, call center, chat, email and social media in terms of engagement channels while reaching out various services. The diversity of the interaction channels required organizations to adopt a multichannel approach which can be defined as using multiple channels to engage with customers.

However today providing products and services through various channels falls short to guarantee a smooth customer experience. Customers have high standards when it comes to their expectations from the services they are offered. They prefer real time and personalized interactions which help them to obtain tailored services that meet their preferences. Many of them expect products and services to be the same across multiple channels in terms of functionality, convenience and quality. This expectation points to a new approach: ‘omnichannel customer experience.’

Omnichannel which has been one of the most popular buzzwords in quite a while defines a customer experience approach that requires creating a smooth and consistent dialog across each stage of the customer journey through multiple channels. In other words rather than creating multiple micro events as in multichannel; omnichannel customer experience requires a holistic approach.

The Use of Speech Technologies in Omnichannel Services

Ever-changing conditions in the market and customer expectations require organizations to adopt an agile approach to provide the most convenient tools that meet customer needs in a coherent and comprehensive way.  And speech technologies can help organizations to follow an omnichannel strategy not only by providing personalized and convenient self-service solutions, enhanced customer experience but also getting the right customer insights for continuous development through various interaction channels.

Personalized and Enhanced Customer Experience

Fundamental speech technologies like speech recognition and text-to-speech have already been used in automation of various customer services to provide an improved self-service experience. These technologies which have come far and are continually being perfected can contribute to a personalized customer experience.

For example when deployed in call centers and IVR systems, text-to-speech technology contributes to a personalized experience by addressing customers by their names when they reach out to the system. The technology also provides a more appealing customer interaction as a result of qualified and human-like TTS voices.

Speech recognition is another essential technology to guarantee an improved self-service experience. The technology not only saves customers from the hassle of touch-tone menu mazes but also personalizes the service they obtain by recognizing their intent. Thanks to continuous developments in natural language understanding speech recognition systems can understand customers’ intention by letting them to use their own words to describe their reason of call. With these technologies it is also possible to provide a tailor-made IVR experience by capturing previous behavior and provide services according to specific preferences of customers.

Since the number of platforms that require sharing personal information raises each day, customers are more concerned with data security. Voice biometrics arise as an effective solution by providing a smooth identity verification through various interaction channels. The technology assures delivering real value to the customer not only with enabling an effortless authentication but also preventing possible security problems.

Right Insights for Continuous Development

The key to a successful customer experience is analyzing customer feedback through the whole customer journey with the aim to improve this experience. In other words organizations need to monitor each channel carefully which requires combining all manner of analytics. By combining multiple data sources, organizations can get a panoramic view of their customers, understand their needs even better and design solutions accordingly.

Voice of the Customer solutions which include products that analyze speech like speech analytics, first call resolution analytics and interaction analytics help organizations to improve their omnichannel strategies by letting them to collect feedback from various touchpoints like call center and mobile and reveal hidden insights in each interaction with various data mining methods.  These solutions also uncover repeating issues and let organizations foresee probable crises and take necessary actions to handle them proactively.

More organizations are using speech technologies to complement their existing service channels.  With their adaptable structure and ability to function effectively across multiple channels speech technologies help organizations deliver a consistent and unified experience. By empowering various data mining solutions, the technologies also contribute to an effective feedback management and customer interaction analytics which are the main key factors behind a successful omnichannel approach.