Comparison of Biometric Technologies: Voiceprint vs. Fingerprint

By November 9, 2016Blog Posts, CEO Posts

Biometric technologies are developed to identify and authenticate humans based on their biological or behavioral traits. In this post, I will talk about voice biometrics focusing on its differences with fingerprint technologies.

Seamless Experience: For the authentication process, it is very easy to use voice biometrics with voice enabled assistants. This is a necessity if your hands are busy (e.g. driving a car) and you cannot focus your attention on writing or fingerprinting. In addition, it can also have an advantage for disabled users who may not have the ability or access to written authentication.

Much less penalty of fraud: Fingerprints are unique and do not change over time easily. For some reason, if your fingerprint is stolen, it is gone forever. Your passport or your identity is going to be at risk. However, it is possible to renew the vocal password sentence in text dependent voice biometrics. In addition, each company/institution uses a different passphrase. From this perspective, voice biometrics is safer than fingerprinting technologies.

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