Industry-Academia Collaboration at SESTEK

By November 9, 2016Blog Posts, CEO Posts

Industry-academia collaboration is much desired but often hard to achieve. This is how we achieve it at SESTEK:

Having an active academic life (professorship) keeps me updated with the new methods and inventions in Voice Technologies.

I serve as a reviewer/judge in academic venues and publish our new findings during product development.

At SESTEK R&D center, we follow innovative academic publications closely and apply them into product development.

We hire interns (typically seniors and Master students) for the R&D team not only in summer but throughout the year. We enjoy fresh blood and new ideas they bring along and give them chances to implement their ideas. Some of those interns joined SESTEK later as full-time employees.

We have obtained several R&D project grants from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and have on-going applications with European Research Council (ERC). We build new products as outcomes of these projects.

Being a CEO with an active academic life is not easy. However, I do both with enthusiasm and learn new things everyday. We will continue our efforts to improve industry-academia collaboration at SESTEK. How do you experience industry-academia collaboration in your work environment?